24 Season 9 Hour Twelve – The finale

I have been a fan of 24 since season one hour one and To Live Another Day lived up to my expectations. I appreciate Fox for bringing the series back even though if only for a brief time. To Live Another Day is not about Jack’s life but for the lives of those he cared about to Live Another Day. Perhaps we will never know what happens to Jack but what we do know he is our American hero.

24 Season 9 Hour Eleven – The Voice Of Cheng

We are only one episode away from the finale of 24 Live Another Day. Hour eleven brings in many facts leading up to the final episode, but how will this end? With the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Stolnavich now dead and Cheng having control over Audrey, how will this effect Mark, Jack and the possible war with China. We can’t wait until next week, but in the mean time enjoy our coverage of hour 11.

24 Season 9 Hour Ten – The Satchel

CIA Agent Nararro is apprehended and Kate is able to play him thus obtaining the device tracking codes. Jordan’s death now reveals it was because he was uncovering Navarro had previously set up Kate’s husband for selling secrets to the Chinese. Adrian and Chloe find themselves in a tough situation when Cheng takes control of the device destroying a Chinese carrier from a US Submarine. With Adrian no longer needs, Cheng kills Adrian.

Al-Harazi Dies

24 Season 9 Hour Nine – The Al-Harazi Splat

Hour 9 of the 24 TV show was full of action, surprise and deceit. With Chloe’s intervention President Heller is alive; however, Margo has one remaining drone which she plans to use on Waterloo Station. Our hero Jack kills Margo and her son by throwing them off the 5th floor and diverts the drone into the water saving all. Steve Navarro steals the override device which he plans to give to Adrian in exchange for a pass out of the country. Finally are Chloe and Adrian having a relationship?

President Heller

24 Season 9 Hour Eight – Presidential Suicide

In the eighth hour of 24 the most important and interesting question is are President Heller and Jordan dead? With the President turning himself over to Margo with escape assistance from Jack Bauer and Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau it appears Margo has won, but has she? This hour of 24 is a turning point of the entire series but as we all know, there is more to come.