What is the Modern Life Podcast Network?

Modern Life Podcast Network – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.

The Modern Life Podcast Network has a number of podcasts focused on modern technology, lifestyle, business, sports, and society.  Our modern lives can be hectic and demanding one day and relaxing and peaceful the next.  Through the eyes and ears of our hosts, we discuss and analyze the issues facing our modern lives and provide answers and ideas to make the journey through life a bit easier.

Our hosts are anxious to share our weekly distribution of podcasts and our occasional blogs.  The Waves of Tech, our flagship show, covers a variety of technology news and information.  Busy Ladies is our women’s issues focused podcast, diving into the areas of women’s health and lifestyle.  The Tech of Sports covers a wide range of sporting events while discussion the intersection between technology and the sports industry.  Flash Past covers everything under the sun, such as racism, religion, healthcare, music, and more.  Everyone loves music and Riffraf covers lost gems, songwriting, and indie spotlights.

If blogging interests you, our hosts touch on an assortment of topics in their field of interest.  Articles focus on social networks, mobile communication, human interaction, implications of technology, health, wellness, business, and so much more.  Podcasting and blogging – a perfect combination for information and education.

The network has a strong presence on social media as well. Follow us on Twitter @Modernlifepods, Facebook, and Google+.  We provide content from a large spectrum of Internet sources so that your feed is filled with relevant, accurate, usable, and educational information.  Be sure to interact with us as we continue to build an online community.

From all of us at, we hope you enjoy the variety of information and content offered.  Being a part of that community is living where we live – at modernlife.network.  Check our website for new podcasts, weekly polls, and contact information.

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Don’t forget that we offer specialized services that may be helpful.  We have IT Services including network infrastructure, WordPress installations, and communication services.  Our podcasting consulting services includes equipment recommendations, podcast setups, storage, production efficiency, post-production work flow, and distribution assistance.  For more information see our Resources page.

Associate Authors

Modern Life Podcast Network articles are written expressions exclusively of the Modern Life Podcast Network staff.  Associate authors may be approved based on category experience, writing capabilities, and motivation.  Associate authors are not paid for content; however, this platform creates a baseline for new authors wanting to be established though blogging content.  If you are interested in becoming an associate author, please contact us.

Show Guest Request

If you are interested in being a guest on any of our shows, please contact us.

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