Do We Need Hurricane Resistant Windows?

Hurricane Harvey has damaged or destroyed more than 134,000 homes in South Texas according to the Houston Chronicle. FEMA estimates 25% of homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed while 65% suffered major damage from Hurricane Irma. Many of these homes were damaged or destroyed by high winds and flying debris. And not to be an alarmist, but we still have months remaining in Hurricane Season.

Esurance Using Technology to Expedite Flood Claims for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Esurance is using smart technology, such as predictive analytics and aerial images, to waive inspections, quickly settle claims, and reimburse customers who were severely affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Catastrophes like Hurricane Harvey can be a devastating event and the best way we can is help is by being there for our customers when they need us most,” said Jonathan Adkisson, president of Esurance. “We are acting fast and using our sophisticated tools to make it easier for customers to restore their lives.”

Powerball Numbers that Seem to Pay

The Powerball jackpot is up to $650 million. Right now, it would be the third-largest payout on a lottery in the U.S., and the second-largest Powerball award. Even though the $650 million gets paid out over 30 years, and that Uncle Sam and your state government will claim a huge chunk, this is still enough to keep you in lattes for life — even at Starbucks prices.