Best and Worst Cities for Valentine’s Day

We all want the kind of things that money just can’t buy — except on Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as “The Day Love Costs Money.” This year, the average lovebird will spend $146.84 and nearly $20 billion collectively to show just how fat our hearts are. But is it really necessary to tank our wallets in exchange for love? We know what J. Lo would say. And if you’re already as sweet as Valentine’s Day candy, we think you don’t have to try so hard — or blow that much cash unless you can afford to. As for the rest of us, it helps to be in the right place with the right budget.

Super Bowl 50 By The Numbers

This year the National Football League celebrates the golden anniversary of its biggest game – the big game – in our nation’s Golden City. And as an estimated on millions fans that descend upon the San Francisco Bay Area for Super Bowl 50, giving new meaning to the term “gold rush,” the game’s past and present prepare to collide. Not only is Super Bowl 50 a salute to West Coast football, underscoring the recent announcement that two franchises will be moving to the Los Angeles area with the first West Coast Super Bowl since 2002, but it also has the potential to mark a clear transfer of power from elder statesmen such as Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning to the likes of his young and charismatic Panthers counterpart Cam Newton. In short, has “Omaha” fully given way to “dabbing”?

CD Review: David Gans

I have a new appreciation for “Looks Like Rain” and “Wharf Rat” after listening to them this way. The simplicity with which Gans performs these songs puts the focus squarely on the words. These stories have been told and retold in nearly every way imaginable. Through Lonesome Prison Blues, I turned my father on to the Dead. It’s A Hand-Me-Down might be the bridge to the Dead for you or someone you know.

Recording Station

New Modern Life Network Podcast Studio

In 2007 the Modern Life Podcast Network began with three individuals producing a technology show with only USB headsets and laptops. Over the past nine years it has grown into a multi-show network covering Technology, Sports, History, Social Media, Music and lifestyle. As the expansion continued it was also necessary to expand the production studio to provide ample space, increased equipment racking and most importantly improve the quality of the podcasts.

CD Review: Big Virginia Sky

Big Virginia Sky is a quintet hailing from, of course, Virginia comprised of lead singer and guitarist, James Adkins; mandolin player and vocalist, Scott Slay; bassist, Steve Lazar; percussionist, Dale Lazar; and 5-time IBMA banjo player of the year, Sammy Shelor. Fans of James Adkins will recognize many of the 11 tracks on this album, as they were written by him and featured on his solo album, The Angel and Me.