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News Articles with History

When it’s time to find out what’s going on in the world, what’s the most reliable news source — the best unbiased news source? We’re not sure, but we try to read news articles from across the Internet to get the most balanced information possible. What about knowing the full story — the things that led up to today’s headline? That’s an important part of knowing the news, and it’s one most of us are missing. Fortunately, there are a couple of sources for the full story. We’re talking about an app called Timeline and a website called Newslines.

July 8: International Video Game Day

Did you think about video games on July 8, or maybe even hook up the old Nintendo or Wi and play a few vintage or current games?
July 8 was “International Video Game Day” and gamers from all over the world had an official day to indulge in their favorite games and celebrate the evolution of their favorite pastime.

Confederate Battle Flag

The Confederate Flag: Does it matter?

As a southerner, I have seen the Confederate Battle flag, also known as the Rebel flag and the Southern Cross, all my life. It was on t-shirts that read “It’s a southern thing, you wouldn’t understand” or “heritage, not hate.” I have seen it on just about everything including belt buckles, bathing suits, hat pins, do-rags, license plates, stickers, and flying proudly on the back of many pickup trucks. I have even owned a few Rebel flag items. It’s just been there. I never really thought much of it.