The Waiting Game and Frustration

We do a lot of waiting, some of it justified and some of it not. We wait in line for groceries. We wait in line to see the latest movie release. We wait in line to buy a birthday present for a party we really don’t want to attend. We wait in line for the latest cell phone. The line for the ATM can seem infinitely long on a Friday evening. We all know about waiting in the doctor’s office. I could go on for another three paragraphs about what we wait for.

Texting and Driving

Texting on the road has become one of the most common distractions for drivers. Add this to an already long list of distractions and driving is not getting any easier or safer. Texting is even worse than talking on a cell phone in terms of distraction because it requires not only that you use your hands to type but also that you look down at the screen while texting. This reduces your ability to focus on the road and what’s around you, as well as your steering. In some cases, drivers even take both hands off the wheel to text, seriously impairing their ability to control their vehicle.

Survival in a Digital World

Have you ever sat down to have a conversation with an individual and all they continually do is look at their cell phone multiple times. How about a person who is so consumed by texting, they forget their surroundings, become inattentive and walk into a wall? An employee which can’t seem to get their job done because they are always instant messaging or on Facebook.