Daytona Beach Adds Golf into the Mix

Travelers to Daytona Beach now have a great golf package offering. The words, “Daytona Beach” conjure up thoughts of two things: beached and NASCAR racing. Not anymore. Daytona Beach has been an underrated golf destination for years, but that is about to change. Two of Central Florida’s most popular courses have partnered to create the Daytona Beach Double Feature, a value-laden package that delivers outstanding golf and perks that have made it one of the Sunshine State’s best.

Global Wi-Fi Now Available in a Vending Machine at an Airport Near You

Skyroam, the global WiFi provider is making it easy for travelers to stay connected around the world via its personal hotspot, is announcing the launch of its airport vending machines in collaboration with leading automated retailer, ZoomSystems. Travelers can now rent Skyroam’s pocket-sized global hotspot with unlimited internet service in 100+ countries at “grab-and-go global WiFi” vending kiosks throughout the United States. Many airports are now offering Skyroam vending machines and more are being added.

The Most #Hashtaged Tourist Attractions on Instagram

TravelBird loves inspiring travelers to seek out new adventures and create memories that can be shared with friends and family. Many people, especially those in the Millennial demographic, use Instagram to both seek and share #wanderlust #inspo. Hashtags are used not only to document journeys, but to make it easier for those interested to find content they love.

Instagram is a barometer of where Millennials are traveling to. By using common hashtags of popular sights, monuments and attractions, we created a rank of the most hashtagged destinations in the US and around the world.

Relaxation Nation: Americans Prefer a Relaxing Vacation

A GfK global study in 17 countries reveals that more than half (54%) of people in the US prefer a vacation where they “relax and take it easy”— while another 38% would opt for “an active vacation where I do or see lots of things.”

These levels are comparable to the worldwide averages; across the 17 countries, well over half (59%) of people say they prefer an easygoing vacation – with Brazil posting the highest level (71%), followed by South Korea and Japan (66% each).

In contrast, Italy has the highest percentage (45%) of consumers who prefer an active vacation, followed closely by France (44%) and Spain (43%). These levels compare to a global average of 35% who say they want a relaxing getaway.

Gardening with the Kids Tips

Last year’s flowers are struggling to reemerge, and planting season is in full height. Like it or not, this time of year can involve a little effort when it comes to maintaining and sprucing your lawn. So this year when planting or tending to your flowers, why not involve your little ones as well? Online home and garden resource Max Warehouse offers their favorite tips to engage the kids in outdoor gardening activities this spring. With a little planning, the kids’ insatiable curiosity and boundless energy can be a fruitful, bonding, and even useful asset to your garden. Their tips are available to share with proper credit, a link back and a quick note to me of your intention to feature.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks from Max Warehouse

Art Freedman is the founder and CEO of Max Warehouse, your one stop shop for all your home and garden needs from home organization and improvement, to auto and lawn care and everything in between. They ofer free shipping over $50, so you no longer need to spend your weekends in the aisles of home improvement stores. They also offer some spring cleaning tips and tricks here.