Computer Backup

What’s your data worth?

Backup is the copying or creation of a duplicate file to an additional or segregated storage media device. In the case of a home user, this would include documents, photos, email etc. Creating a copy of a file and saving it on the same hard drive does absolutely nothing. This is a copy of a file and not a backup. A file backup can be on an external USB or firewire drive, USB memory stick, a second internal drive, or even the cloud. To recover data from a defective device it must be also located on a secondary device or in the cloud for recovery.

Record Store Day is April 16, Metallica Named Ambassador

Record Store Day, the global celebration of the culture of the independent record store, is taking place this year on April 16. Buying records is hot, especially when it comes to vinyl records and our independent record stores have been offering the best in music for decades. Sure the landscape of the music industry has changed, but record stores will never go away. Metallica is no stranger to Record Store Day, this year set for Saturday, April 16th, a special day in support of independent record stores and record store culture worldwide, now in its ninth year.

CD Review: Larry Keel, Experienced

OK, you’ve had about 2 weeks to get a copy of Larry Keel’s Experienced and give it a listen. With a long record of amazing picking and songwriting, it’s a testament to his artistry that Keel has not bent his style to meet any expectation that was not his own. He pushes what is commonly accepted as bluegrass to a point where it bulges at the middle like a belly after a home cooked meal. Eat it up, folks.

Relaxation Nation: Spring Hot Tub Trends for 2016

Pardon the pun, but hot tubs are “hot”! According to The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals there are 5.8 million hot tubs in use in America. There is no better place to unwind and spend some time with friends and family than in a hot tub this spring and helping your body, mind and soul recover and relax in the process. With the rapid advancement of technology, the hot tub experience has become increasingly convenient and beneficial.