Clinton? Trump? Johnson.

It’s August, and the presidential campaigns are really heating up. The DNC and RNC have made their nominations and we know who the big-ticket candidates are. There are other options, though, and Gary Johnson, the candidate for the Libertarian party is the topic of this episode of Beer & Bros. Have a listen as Lyle and I discuss Johnson “on the issues.” Just click play and enjoy.


The RNC and DNC. What The Heck?

This week on Beer & Bros., Lyle and I discuss the Republican National Convention (RNC), the Democratic National Convention (DNC), and their “presidential” candidates. I use quotation marks because, let’s face it, neither Trump nor Clinton is very presidential. As with most of our discussions, this one found its own path. Where did it lead…

Police Under Fire

Police Under Fire

We’re back to real news and discussion. We had plenty of options from which to choose, and decided to talk about police officers being shot, a discussion that devolved into a talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. What could a Southern white man and a Northern black man have to say on the subject?

rhythmic gymnastics

The Summer Olympics: The Sport of Comedy

This week, when I contacted Lyle about a topic for the show, I suggested we talk about the Brexit. Lyle thought it was too broad a topic to discuss in half an hour, and I agreed. What we settled on was the Summer Olympic Games, as they’re coming up in August. Instead of taking a serious look at the games, though, we decided to have a little fun at the games’ expense. Click play and listen to the two of us discussing the more comical sporting events in the summer games.


Orlando Tragedy

On Sunday, June 12, 2016 a club in Orlando, Florida was the target of a radical Islamist’s hatred. Forty-nine people, plus the gunman, were killed making the deadliest mass-shooting in modern American history. On this episode of Beer & Bros., Dan and Lyle discuss ISIS, gun control, homosexuality, and President Obama.