Minimum Wage

The Fight for 15

It gets harder and harder every year for people to make ends meet. The Federal Minimum Wage is currently set at $7.25 per hour. At that rate, a person working a full-time, 40-hour week would gross $290, or $15,080 per year. On this episode of Beer & Bros., Lyle and Dan discuss the minimum wage and the debate revolving around the “Fight for 15.” Whether you’re for or against a $15 per hour minimum wage, give us a listen. We’ll definitely entertain.


Can I DIY This?

Do-it-yourself projects gain popularity every year. More and more people are heading to their local big-box home improvement stores and becoming weekend warriors. Why? It’s partly because we’re more money conscious, and partly because there are so many videos and blogs available to teach us how to do whatever it is we want to tackle. But, is it always a good idea to DIY if we feel confident?

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers

Earlier this week a set of documents that have been dubbed “The Panama Papers” were leaked online. More than a year ago, an unnamed source gave the files to the German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung. The data are part of a set of files taken from the Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca. In this week’s episode of Beer & Bros, Lyle and Dan discuss the leak, offshore banking, and the perception of security. Listen to the show and see what you think.


Drug Offenders

Put ‘Em in Jail and Keep Watch While They Rot, or These Resources Could Be Stopping A Real Crime.

Napoleon couldn’t take Portugal; thanks to the decriminalization of drugs, drug addiction won’t either. Since all drugs were decriminalized in in Portugal in 2001, addiction has nearly halved. Correlation does not equal causation, though – right? Maybe the decline in drug addiction is due to the social programs that are in place now that the police aren’t chasing drug users. In this week’s episode of Flash Past, Dan and Lyle discuss the decriminalization of all drugs. Where do you think the hosts stand? Listen and find out.

Brussels Attack

An Open Discussion on Privacy and Security

Last week on the show, guest host Steve Lee and Dan talked about the current situation with the FBI, Apple, and the iPhone 5c of a terrorist. This week, Dan started by asking Lyle’s position on the issue. The intention was to move from there into a discussion about the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. What actually happened was quite different. Listen to episode 10 of Beer & Bros. to see how it all went down.

iphone 5C

Should Apple Help Unlock A Terrorist’s iPhone?

Do you use a passcode on your mobile device? We’re guessing you probably do. We all trust the makers of our phones and tablets and their operating systems to keep our data secure. Seriously, think of all the information about you that’s passed through your phone. This week on Beer and Bros., Dan is joined by Steve Lee, producer of this show, co-host of The Waves of Tech, and chief of the Modern Life Network; the two talk about Apple, the FBI, and your secrets.