Creating a Homegrown Living Space

Today we are going to be talking about creating and living with a “home grown” lifestyle. We’ll be covering topics like where to start, costs, home gardens, do it yourself recipes, and urban farm animals! A strong trend is today’s lifestyle is self-sufficiency and living a more “homemade” and natural lifestyle. People are growing their own food, making their own cleaning products, and even raising animals for meat, milk, or eggs! I think I would like a couple of fruit trees but then I am afraid of what might go to waste and for me that defeats the purpose.

Finding Your Happiness

Today we are talking about Finding Your happiness. It is really common and quite easy to ask someone, “Are you happy?”. We usually respond, “Yes, of course I’m happy. I have a happy life.” But what if we really stop and think about our lives, in the moment? We are all so busy and moving so fast, we really don’t take the time to think about the things we do, if they make us happy, and if we really want to be doing them. We are going to talk about using tools to find our happiness, and focusing on it to better our lives.

How do you find your Joy? How do you find the good in your life?

We spend part of our lives trying to be more positive and joyful in everyday situations. We often wonder why this can be difficult for some and easier for others. A simple smile can certainly change someone else’s day. Treating others with respect and a smile can add joy to your life and will definitely add to theirs.

In today’s’ world most find people are more focused with outside sources instead of what is right in front of them. We have become a world that lives in the social media realm hiding behind a facade. The days of politeness have started to disappear, so let’s talk about how we can begin the change within ourselves and hopefully pass on to others.