How do you find your Joy? How do you find the good in your life?

We spend part of our lives trying to be more positive and joyful in everyday situations. We often wonder why this can be difficult for some and easier for others. A simple smile can certainly change someone else’s day. Treating others with respect and a smile can add joy to your life and will definitely add to theirs.

In today’s’ world most find people are more focused with outside sources instead of what is right in front of them. We have become a world that lives in the social media realm hiding behind a facade. The days of politeness have started to disappear, so let’s talk about how we can begin the change within ourselves and hopefully pass on to others.

Planning For A Trip?

Planning for a trip? What do you need to take? How many suitcases do you need? How will you remember everything you need to do and take? Join us as we help you figure that out!!!

The Holidays are upon us and many of us will be doing just that. If you are on of those people then please listen to the Busy Ladies as we talk about what you should do before your vacation even starts. Do you feel like you are well prepared for your trip or are you one of those that waits to the last minute? We have found that making a list and following that list has worked best for us.

Women in the Olympics

Women Of The 2016 Olympics – GO USA!!!!

So how many of you can’t wait for the Olympics every four years? Do any of you try to watch every sport they televise and lose sleep in the process? This year the Olympics had so many women athletes who made history and broke records. We noticed that 55% of the prime time sports coverage during the Olympics were women’s events. We also discuss some of the negative comments which have been made towards athletes and cover a multitude of sports during prime time and those not covered. Anaya and Debbie have enjoyed the Olympics so far and hope all of the athletes fulfill their dreams. Join us as we talk about the ones that touched us.