aging gracefully

Growing Older It Can’t Be All That Bad!

As you know we like to keep our topics relevant and relatable to women of all ages. Aging is something all of us are doing and can relate to. No matter what decade of life you’re in, aging is a natural part of life. Yes, we are aware of the warfare it is waging on our health and bodies at some point, but there are also so many blessings and benefits to growing older.

Working Women

How Women’s Roles Changed Over The Last 100 Years

Girls today are unaware of the limitations women experienced 100 years ago. They take for granted the opportunities presented to them and don’t know about the struggles women had to fight to conquer equality and acceptance. Learning about our history goes way beyond learning about a few famous women during one month.

The scope of the jobs women could hold were those of housewives and teachers! Women never held positions of what the men considered important. Thankfully, as women who were called upon during WWII to pick up the jobs the men could no longer do, we had finally found our place in the world.


To Have Good Friendships You Need To Be A Good Friend

Friends may come in and out of your life for a season – we have friends of convenience (work, neighborhood, hobbies) and lives change. Not all friendships last forever, and mourning a friendship that has ended or withered away over time does not necessarily mean either of you were bad friends to each other. What it does mean life takes us on a different routes sometimes and there are more people for us to be connected to in the future.

Women Role Models

Women Role Models

Women Role Models and their positive impacts on our lives. Who are some of the famous women in the world that have had a positive impact on our lives. We’ll discuss who our big influences are and what we’re looking for in a positive female role model. From Olympic swimmers, former First Ladies, poets, civil rights activists, singers and songwriters to women inventors.

be authentic

Are You An Authentic Woman?

We tackle the subject of being an authentic women. Do you talk about other women behind their backs? Are you being true to yourself? As women and as role models to our sons, daughters, and others we need to treat women with respect and not be judgmental. We have no idea what other women are going through so is it fair to talk about them to others? We should be walking up to them and telling them we are there for them and they have our support.