Potlucks and Party Foods

So you’re invited to a party and you’re asked to bring something.  The panic sets in.  Your hands start to sweat.  Then, the questions come: how many people do I have to make food for?   Will they like what I bring?  Should I try something crazy, creative, and different? Why did I agree to bring something????  Debbie and Anaya discuss how they handle coming up with something to take to a potluck they have been asked to attend.  

one word

Choosing Your One Word

Debbie and Anya discuss how they came about with their new year intentions and with insight into what they believe is the difference between a resolution and an intention. Can just one word change the way you feel about your day? Do you want to be held accountable with others? Is it easier if you have someone you can talk to? Try this… The ladies think you might find it easier than trying to keep a resolution! Be positive and don’t be hard on yourself you have each new day to try again. Wait for the change that people will notice in you!

Being Positive

Being Positive At Work, Home And In Public

Positivity is vital in the workplace, at home and with the public. Debbie, Laurin, Colleen and Anaya share techniques with you how they work to be positive in these different environments. Do you try to keep your family life positive? Do you try to treat others as you would like to be treated? As we discuss ways to achieve being positive, see if any of the items we list will help you in everyday life. It really doesn’t matter how old you are everyone needs to be encouraged every once in a while. Share with us some of your ideas so we can use them also.

Action For Austin

Action for Austin Foundation

This is an incredible story of hope, love, loss, happiness, sadness, and faith. With the loss of their newborn son Austin, Stephanie and Geoff Kallenberger established a non-profit organization, Action for Austin, to spread hope to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit children and families. In this episode of Busy Ladies Debbie talks with Wendy Sides the grandmother of Austin. Learn how this foundation came to be and why it is so important to the families of this adorable little boy they lost too soon. Over the past two years the Action for Austin organization has provided gifts of love and encouragement to those facing very difficult times.