Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot

Indiegogo and crowdfunding go hand-in-hand. Since 2008, Indiegogo has been the goto platform for people with ideas that need help and guidance. Indiegogo is a launchpad for entrepreneurial ideas, but where is it heading? Mandelbrot explains. Indiegogo campaigns pair the freedom to tell your story your way with expert resources created by our team of strategists. Flexibility + empowerment = crowdfunding success.

Lewis Gump CEO of NewsON

NewsON connects you with communities near and far. Whether you’re traveling on business or want to stay in the know about your hometown you can download NewsON and access local news instantly, with no login required. NewsON is available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phone and tablet, Amazon Fire tablets, and on the Roku platform on Roku players and Roku TVs.

Drones as Holiday Gifts – Have a Merry Drone Christmas!

Approximately 1.2 million drones will be sold this holiday season, up 112% over 2015 but are they an appropriate gift? Whether for recreation or as a commercial drone pilot, the industry has exploded. Steve and Rick discuss the industry, safety, registration, education and laws with regard to drone operation. Recreational drone flight is fun but be aware of impacts to people and property. Enjoy the holidays and if you receive a drone for Christmas, be safe.

Debating the Debates

Thank God! The debates are over as the Presidential election is in its stretch drive. Millions and millions of people watched the three Presidential Debates. But does it matter.

It is important for citizens to see candidates in a head to head discussion; however, does the content and context ever relate to the important issues and needs of our country? Over the decades, political debates have become more of a place of continual personal attacks rather than substance and discussion. Moderators own a large piece of the content when controlling a debate, but how do they do? Are they bias? Are they fair? Steve and Rick discuss and provide their opinion on the political debate process and its effects.

Broken Promises

Author of ‘Broken Promises’, Nick Nichols

If you like legal thrillers that are edgy and gripping, then you will love Broken Promises. In this novel, break-out author, Nick Nichols, a long-time family law attorney, tackles all the spicy issues of divorce: adultery, addiction, power, and greed. The lead character’s error in judgment, namely, sleeping with his client, took him down a path that spiraled down into an abyss. The book serves as a cautionary tale for lawyers who might be similarly tempted.

Honor or Obligation

The National Anthem – Honor or Obligation

Will 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continue his protest of the US flag by sitting during the anthem? That anthem, by the way, will be performed by Petty Officer 1st Class Steven Powell from the US Navy. And how will the crowd react to whatever Kaepernick decides to do? The quarterback has said he’ll again refuse to stand, just as he’s done for the first three preseason games, saying he will not “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”