Personal Responsibilities And Behavioral Attitude

Have you noticed changes in society with regards to personal responsibility and attitude? It’s been our observation society has moved toward an – It is not my fault – attitude and fail to be responsible for personal actions and commitment. What has the legal system and insurance companies, as example, initiated which provides a sense of it is alright not assume our personal responsibilities?

Online Media. Why We Do It And What’s Its Future

When online media is examined, how has it changed your life through the methods we use to consume content? Defining online media is truly undefined; however, understanding its presence and accessibility is a baseline we all need to be aware of. Using today’s technology devices and services such as Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, Hulu, Stitcher Radio, Netflix, Youtube, Phones and Tablets, the availability of 24 hour content is endless. But what is its future? Listen as we discuss.