Jeff Gordon Raceway

NASCAR At Jeff Gordon Speedway

It is that time of year when we begin preparing in the U.S. for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Everyone at the Modern Life Network have so much to be thankful for and primarily to all the listeners. Rick and Steve discuss Steve’s trip to Phoenix International Raceway, now Jeff Gordon Raceway, for the NASCAR elimination round, his trials and event venues overall. Even if you are not a NASCAR fan we are sure you can relate to this discussion.

Pink Flamingo RV Radi

Pink Flamingo RV Radio with Tracy Miller

Pink Flamingo RV Radio. After 15 years of involvement with an automotive radio show/podcast, Tracy moved his way from a field reporter, to Lifestyles Editor, and ultimately to Co-Host and Producer of that show… But, as with all things in life, came changes. He knew he wanted to proceed with a new podcast, and the RV industry has always been of interest. Even before leaving the previous show, he had ideas of how an RV show could impact the podcast market as well as the RV industry, since there were no other RV shows covering the industry and lifestyle the way he thought it could be done.