Razor Security

The Shave Clubs

You can’t turn on your HDTV without seeing those ubiquitous ads for the “Dollar Shave Club” They aren’t the only option. All of a sudden, there are multiple companies willing to send you razors and shaving cream by U.S. Mail. Why and when did all this happen? What happened to going to the store to buy Bic razors? Let’s take a look at the online shave clubs and services.


Annie Gherini of StumbleUpon

Annie Gherini leads the marketing team at StumbleUpon. Prior to joining the StumbleUpon team, Annie worked with both large entertainment brands, such as Sony and Paramount, as well as leading the marketing for several early stage mobile and social startups. Her focus has been building strategies that involve working closely with product on data driven marketing tactics while coupling with both public relations and brand campaigns.

Rootology Health

Simar Singh, CEO of Rootology Health

Spring is eagerly awaited by many suffering the cold weather blues, but the beauty and warmth is also dreaded by allergy sufferers whose symptoms are triggered by spring blossoms. A relatively new product, Rootology is a blend of 13 powerful herbal extracts unknown by most consumers, but when tried, offers relief in a way few have experienced from pharmaceutical or other natural remedies. Although Rootology is natural, it works fast and is taken as needed, like you would with Sudafed. We talk with the CEO of Rootology Simar Singh about the product.


Josh Davis of Abt Electronics

Josh Davis is “The Technologist”. He joined the Abt Electronics team of experts in 2004 as a representative in the Small Electronics department. Working for company runs in the family, as Josh’s father is a former employee while his uncle and cousin currently work at Abt. A year after being hired, Josh spearheaded the Apple boutique opening and now serves as the Apple store manager.