Guided Access, Flipping for Sophia, BossJock Studio, and The Nerdy Teacher

It was an interesting week with the release of IOS 6. Even if you can’t afford the iPhone 5, you can’t afford NOT to have IOS 6 as a parent or teacher that uses their iPhone or iPad with students. Jim will tell you why in this week’s CTRL-ALT-DELIVER. We also look at BossJockStudio, a recording app that gives you prerecorded carts, just like radio stations use. EdTech Spotlite is on TheNerdyTeacher and KidLit highlights M.T.Anderson.

One and Only Ivan, Eric Sheninger, and Happy Birthday Lane Smith

Touched by a book deeply, readers of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate mourned the loss of the gorilla that the book is based upon. It goes to show the power of good writing that we fell in love with a fictitious character and then, by extension, felt the emotion that we did for an animal that most of the readers never got a chance to see. But Mr. Schu did. Be sure to check out his tribute to Ivan.