Holidays Versus Workdays

Holidays Versus Workdays – FP 87

Have you ever had to work on a holiday? Of course you have; we all have. You may have even worked on Thanksgiving of this year. How did we, as a society, decide which holidays we were going to have off work and which holidays just didn’t matter enough to warrant a day off work? That’s the topic of discussion on this episode of Flash Past.

college football

College Football Rivalries – FP 86

For episode 86 of Flash Past, Dan and Lyle visit the world of college football rivalries. Being a high-school football coach, this is a topic of great interest to Lyle. Did you know football as we enjoy it today is vastly different from the sport it was when these rivalries began? It is. Dan compares it to the childhood game red rover, but with knives. Initially, passing wasn’t even part of the game. Weird, huh?