Winter Tech – How Us Humans Live So Far North

Mike talks all about the technology that allows us humans to live in Northern climates in the winter. From heating your house to drilling a whole in the ice to go ice fishing, there is a TON of tech (not high tech, but tech just the same) that makes it possible to not only survive the winter, but thrive in these Northern places. Of course, there is Aviation Technology called a plane ticket send yourself to warmer places :)


Great Lakes Shipping and Ships

There is a lot of tech in the way ships move about the great lakes. Today we will explore a bit of that tech and some history of Great Lakes Shipping. All of the 1000-footers are US vessels. The Canadian fleet needs to travel to and from its major cities along the St. Lawrence Seaway, so the largest length for the Canadian vessels is 740 feet (Seawaymax-size). The reason for this standard length is the Welland Canal, which bypasses Niagara Falls. The locks here are only about 800 feet (240 m) long, and for safety reasons, the vessels must be at most 740 feet (230 m).