Notes from a LinkedIn Power User

Nothing gives me more joy that to bring a guest to my listeners who can share expertise AND solid experience about how they use social media to market their brand. Today is that special guest. He is a friend, but more important to my listeners, he is a LinkedIn ninja and has mastered the management of groups. Steve Porcaro is a Business Coach and Mastermind Group Facilitator for medical device sales leaders and professionals.

Social Media Makes the World a Little Smaller

I honestly don’t know if it makes it smaller, but it certainly brings amazing people a little closer. Today’s guest is a perfect example…I met her through social media and social media is responsible for exploding her career as an author. For over 15 years Maidstone author Miriam McGuirk wrote under the pen name of ‘Josie Maguire.’ On June 15th, at The Irish Writer’s Centre, Irish author Miriam McGuirk launched her first book of three under her own name.

Using Social Media to Bring People Together

While the majority of my shows are focused on using social media in business, today is a very special exception. I just returned from Blacksburg, VA attending a reunion of my high school Concert Choir. If you’re wondering how many years ago, let’s just say this very elite group of touring singers only existed from 1967 to 1970! Most of us had not seen each other since then. But the magic was extraordinary! Our Choir Director from high school was there with us and in addition to normal reunion events; we actually regrouped as a Choir, practiced music, and put on a mini-concert on Saturday night! Not to brag…but we sounded amazing!