Using Social Channels to Target Specific Demographics

I find it fascinating that in spite of the growth of social media for business, most business owners and even some marketers don’t embrace the importance of knowing what platforms are best suited for their goals. It’s so much more than slapping up a Facebook page or opening a Twitter account. A little bit of effort can go a long way in building a loyal following and ultimately converting those people to meaningful business relationships.

Business Bunker Crosses the Pond

What a special treat on The LinkedIn Lady Show today! Joining me all the way from England are Jules Serkin and Paul Andrews. Perhaps you already know about this dueling pair and their famous show, Business Bunker Radio. Paul Andrews is a serial businessman & former entrepreneur of the year. He owns and runs a number of digital media businesses as well as a community workspace/hot desking hub in the beautiful ancient City of Canterbury in England. He is an Angel Investor & business startup mentor Paul has been the host of the Business Bunker Radio show now in its 7th year.

Are You Ready to Sell on Pinterest?

It’s a red-letter day in the social sphere and the letter is “P.” Pinterest has officially launched their promise of a buy button right on the front of your image. No longer will potentials buyers have to navigate and search for your information. Now they will be taken right to your ecommerce account with one click! So what does it mean for you and how can you take advantage?