7 HOT Tips for 2016 Holiday Marketing Success

It’s hard to believe that New Years is only a few months away. Between now and then retail businesses look forward to their strongest buying season of the year and service professionals look forward to ending the year strong.

So what should you be doing starting now? Well, today’s LinkedIn Lady Show will answer those needs and give 7 specific HOT and easy-to-implement marketing tips that every business and entrepreneur can use.

Can You Still Become an Internet Millionaire?

I would like to believe all LinkedIn Lady Shows provide value for my listeners, but this one is by far and away a showstopper and one to keep in your archives. My guest and friend, Tom Antion, is an Internet Multimillionaire and has been since around the year 2000 – only 4 short years after he started selling online. In addition to selling his own products and services online he’s trained literally thousands of small business people how to maximize their income off the web. Today, Tom will be telling you about many of the new things he’s doing…and the best part is, most of them are either cheap of FREE!

Karen Strauss

5 Things Preventing You from Publishing Your First Book

My guest, Karen Strauss has over 30 years of experience in the heart of the publishing world – New York City. She knows the people, the players and the pitfalls. Karen helps authors navigate everything from editing, cover design and copywriting, to distribution through the proper publishing channels, which introduce your book to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more! As my partner in CKC Global Publishing, she is ready to help you achieve that dream of being an author.