Social Media Results Start with Realistic Goals

Social Media Results Start with Realistic Goals

Recently I met with a new client who had just fired their social media manager. They were ready to give up on social media and go back to direct mail. In their words, at least we could count on a one to two percent return. In exploring more of their story (which I will share on today’s LinkedIn Lady Show), I learned they were unsuccessful in increasing sales and no significant web or foot traffic resulted from six months of work using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Public Speaking

So You Want to Be a Speaker

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show will take you on a journey of discovering your voice, knowing what value you have to bring to an audience, and where to start – which in all probability is right in your backyard. For my experienced speakers, get ready for tips on how you can get more speaking engagements and earn higher fees.

Mailbag Show

LinkedIn Lady Answers Mailbag Questions

There is no question the LinkedIn Lady Shows that are among the most popular are my mailbag shows. Today’s show will be no exception. I have some doozies for my listeners. These are real social media questions that my clients, my audiences, and my Inbox have challenged me to answer. Chances are their questions might be the same ones standing in your way of success.