David Bell

An Hour with David Bell

David Bell Today is an extra special edition of The LinkedIn Lady Show. To say that I’m thrilled to have David Bell as my guest is an understatement. This highly accomplished, award-winning company director, entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker will offer some of his best tips and insights about business, his challenges and successes, as well as his newest ventures.

hit a plateau

How to Break Through Business Plateaus

Every business, during its life, hits plateaus. It is usually a sign of capacity, comfort, or creativity. Ask yourself these questions: Are your and your staff (internal or outsourced) at maximum capacity and can no longer handle more work? Are you comfortable with your income or sales and have become complacent? Have you lost the creativity that launched you in the first place and don’t feel driven to change?

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Are People Listening When You Speak?

Today’s LinkedIn Lady show was inspired by one of my favorite clients. She has a great deal of experience in the areas of leadership and team building. Her career has always been working for someone else with responsibilities including training and human resources. She is launching her own business but realized that marketing herself for herself was completely foreign to her. This is a classic problem for fledgling entrepreneurs.