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Mail Bag Show What’s Trending After Iowa Caucuses

It’s hard to tell whether Punxsutawney Phil predicting an early spring, the results of the Iowa caucuses, or the fact that Kim Kardashian’s Twitter poll drew more votes than the number or people participating in the Iowa caucuses represents the hottest news today. But all three stories have one thing in common and it’s social media.

It’s time for me to dip into my Mail Bag for today’s LinkedIn Lady Show. Recent questions received from my clients, my audiences and my Inbox remind me that so many people and businesses are still struggling with the basics. I will be providing answers to the questions you probably have and promise to give simple and practical solutions.

Tom Antion

Critical Copywriting Tips from Tom Antion

When a multi-millionaire decides to tell you the number one success skill he’s developed in 40+ years of business, do you think you should listen? Tom Antion will be back for his 12th appearance on the LinkedIn Lady Show to talk about Copywriting. No I’m not talking about protecting your work by registering with the library of congress. I’m talking about being able to write words that move people to action. And it’s not just writing ads.

Are You Ready to Make 2016 Your Year

Are You Ready to Make 2016 Your Year?

It is the step many business owners skip contributing to their inability to achieve success. So my challenge to you is make 2016 the year that you are going to approach your business differently. If you are ready to commit to taking the proper steps to transform your goals into a realistic plan I promise you will meet and likely exceed your dreams for your business.

Merry Christmas with Love from Santa

Merry Christmas with Love from Santa

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but Santa made a special stop at the LinkedIn Lady’s doorstep. What is in his packages? Well, you will have to tune in to find out the details, but I can promise it includes the hottest tips on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Plus some little known secrets that will make your small business stand out now and well into the New Year.

Begin Your 2016 Marketing Today

Begin Your 2016 Marketing Today

We are coming into the home stretch of 2015 and you have a choice – Do you slack off and set those New Year’s Resolutions to do better next year? Or do you take this time to evaluate, put your strategy in place, and solidify the foundation for your 2016? I’m not talking about losing weight or stopping smoking. I’m talking about your business. Whatever your results were this year are in the bag – it’s too late to make any changes that will change the outcome of success or failure, profit or loss.