Your Brand

Your Brand Can Make or Break Your Business

Choosing a brand name has always been important to the long-term success of a business, but the stakes are much higher today and finding the right brand name is much more complicated. It is not longer just about the name, the sign, the logo, and your ability to build a marketing campaign around your brand. Now you have to consider URL, social media, Internet competition, and so much more.

Jingle Bells Social Media Marketing

Get the Jingle Bells Ringing on Your Social Media

The LinkedIn Lady Show starts today with a reminder that it is but 74 days until Christmas! If you have books, products or services to sell, how are you going to market them this holiday season? Too many businesses wait until the week before Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday to join the fray. That’s way too late – all the trends show that holiday shopping has already begun.

puzzle image

Your Social Media Puzzle Comes Together

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show, with host Carol McManus, is about choosing the right platforms, crafting your messages to suit the personality of each site, and then cross-referencing with the use of short links. It’s like putting a puzzle together, except in your social media puzzle, the pieces will fit multiple ways and you won’t always needs to use all the pieces.