Team Flamingo is joined by the chairman of the Alameda Point Concours d’Elegance, Steve Pedone, and several show participants!

Join us this week as Team Flamingo travels North to the Alameda Point Concours d’Elegance, as the event has added a display of vintage campers! A variety of cars and motorcycles graced the Parade Grounds of the Alameda Naval Air Station for the second year, and the vintage camper display was an obvious hit with participants and spectators alike! I wonder which vehicle won the Haggerty Classic Car Insurance “People’s Choice Award”? Listen in to find out!

Team Flamingo chats with owners of vintage travel trailers at the Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show!

Join Team Flamingo this week, as we take you to the 10th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show! This is an outstanding event located in Chino Hills, CA, as a benefit for Boys Republic, which has been in place for 107 years, helping troubled boys and girls. Steve McQueen was actually a resident at Boys Republic during his teen years, prior to becoming a famous and admired actor! This is a show that has not only a wide variety of vehicles from collectors and builders, but vehicles actually owned by Steve McQueen!

Larry Shank, A Willys, teardrop, boat, and more! CHP Officer Ed Smith, How to survive a dust storm.

Join us this week, as Team Flamingo lists the upcoming events where we will be participating and recording! Larry Shank shares his family’s history in camping, as well as the many camping heirlooms that were passed along to him! And, he still uses them today! We visit with our friend, Officer Ed Smith of the California Highway Patrol, to learn how to prepare for, and what actions to take should you be caught in an unexpected dust storm! This segment could save your life!

Coverage of the 10th Annual Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally

Join us this week as we speak with many of our friends at the 10th Annual Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally at Pismo Beach, CA! As always, this is one of the premier vintage RV events in California, and this year did not disappoint! Pink Flamingo RV Radio was on-location, and recording throughout the day of the Open House, and were privileged to catch up with several of the vintage trailer hobby’s notable names! Pull up a chair and enjoy our longest show ever!

Zina Lacy, Custom Artwork Renovations. Team Flamingo, A Must-See Event This Weekend.

Join us this week as Team Flamingo speaks with Zina Lacy, regarding her artwork-renovations of vintage trailers! Zina’s trailers are so sought after, that she has a waiting list for custom builds, and sells all of her trailers when attending events! And, Team Flamingo reminds everyone that May 18, 19, 20, & 21st is the Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally! We hope to see you there!