Trailer Prom, is vintage trailers, craft beer, music, food, dancing, fun folks and crazy outfits!

What in the world is Trailer Prom? Probably, the most fun you can ask for in one evening! Tinker Tin Trailer Co. brings you music from a swingin’ cowboy band and dancing to a wide variety of music, a vintage trailer park, food, the largest group of fun people anywhere, a way to express your crazy Trailer Prom attire, and the best-tasting craft beer that one could ask for! All of which all happens at BarrelHouse Brewery in Paso Robles, CA! 

A visit to Marin Museum of Bicycling, and the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Team Flamingo recently journeyed to the Northern California town of Fairfax, which is home to Marin Museum of Bicycling. We attended the induction ceremony and dinner for the 4 new members into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame! Museum Curator, Joe Breeze, gave us some history and future plans for the museum. And, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the inductees, Brent Foes of Foes Racing, as he explained his contributions to the sport of Mountain Biking! We were also joined by Stefan Utz, of, who made the trip from Switzerland to see Brent’s induction, as Stefan was the push behind this nomination!

A home-built teardrop, of exceptional craftsmanship!

Have you ever considered building your own teardrop trailer? If you have considered, contemplated, bought plans, or began the build, this episode is for you! We had the privilege of speaking with master woodworker, Chip Trebour, who built an outstanding specimen of teardrop trailer! Built of high quality wood, aluminum, and copper, and its design, make this little teardrop a show-stopper!

Part 3 of Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival

Join Team Flamingo this week as we bring you Part 3 of our coverage from Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival! We were fortunate to speak with 2 of the very first winners at Vintage Trailer Revival’s 1st ever event… Andre Fonseca and Jan Hatch! And, we had a chance to visit with Stacy Edgington, who participated with many of her “Sisters” as there was a well-represented contingent of “Sisters on the Fly”! 

Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival, Part 2

Join us this week as Team Flamingo brings you Part 2 of our series from Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival in Reno, NV! We sat down with Jon Whipple, who had the initial vision of Vintage Trailer Revival, and why it was such an important step for HAN. We were pleased to see a woman with a vision, as Nova tells us how she began creating her dream car for HAN at age 13, and has a vintage trailer as well. Our friend Justin Scribner of Flyte Camp and the hit TV shows “Flippin’ RVs” and “Beachin’ RVs” shares his impressions and thoughts on this 1st-time event at HAN!