The Ghosts of Halloween Are Predicting a New Echo

As you know by now, this is the last Social Solutions Show for a while so it is important that we go out with a bang. But since Halloween is only a few days away, we are using that holiday to talk about the creep factor going on and coming soon to your favorite social media platform.

Perhaps you already own an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, but would your preference change if Facebook were to introduce their own voice assistant? And if so, have you considered the creep factor that you may be allowing into your home?

When Does 140 Equal 280?

When Twitter is ready. That’s the simple answer. So what does it mean to marketers and business owners when we will have the ability to double our tweets? Hopefully very little. The 140 character tweet that we have grown to love works. When you hear Ken Herron and Carol McManus weigh in on the conversation, you’ll learn how to stretch your tweet message without using up the extra bandwidth.

To Like or Dislike – That is the Question

Well it has been a long time coming, but finally Facebook is introducing a “Dislike” button. Why you ask? Because users have been requesting it over and over – but why now and what will it mean? For personal posts, it will be more appropriate to Dislike rather than Like when someone posts a death in the family, a terminal disease, or something begging for sympathy. But with business pages, this could be a game changer.

The New Facebook of Disaster Control Communication

No, that is not a type. Facebook has introduced a single destination where users can access all of its tools geared toward responding to crisis. It should be no surprise that individuals and businesses alike have been turning to Facebook for a long time to report current events and locate lost friends and relatives. And now Facebook is making it even easier for people to share information.

FTC is Watching Influencer Endorsements

Hurricane Irma like Harvey is now in the history books, but the devastation both storms left behind with take years of recovery. During times like this marketing sensitivity is essential for businesses to maintain their credibility and loyalty from their customer base. On today’s show hosts Carol McManus and Ken Herron will offer some tips on what to do and what not to do.

We will be exploring the rules and the implications of the updated FTC Endorsement Guide and what the potential consequences are if you do not disclose Influencer relationships in your marketing. This is not something to ignore!