Sudha Jamthe CEO and Author of IoT Disruptions

Perhaps you have heard about the “Internet of Things” but you’re not really sure what it means. Well, surprise! Today’s Social Solutions Show on CKC Global Media will answer all your questions. Our special guest, Sudha Jamthe, is a globally recognized entrepreneurial mobile product leader with 20+ years experience building Consumer Mobile and eCommerce Products. Sudha loves shaping new technology ecosystems and helping businesses drive Digital business Transformations.


#NewsJacking Okay – #DeathJacking Not So Much

You have too work pretty hard to find two people who are more committed to innovative marketing and seizing opportunities to enhance your brand image. However, even Ken and Carol draw the line with #DeathJacking. This week with the deaths of Nancy Reagan and George Martin (the 5th Beatle), it seems the concept of #Newsjacking has hit a new low and we want to set you straight.

Twitter Rocks Our World

Twitter Rocks Our World But is The Sky Really Falling?

We knew it was coming but it didn’t stop the outrage when Twitter changed the way we receive our tweet feed. Do you care if you see all your incoming tweets or just the ones that Twitter deems important enough for you to see? That starts the Social Solutions Show with @kenherron and @linkedinlady today. But fasten your seatbelt – there’s plenty more! Meet FirstView, the new paid video ad that will appear at the top of your feed (and you can’t turn it off. Bravo Instagram for allowing easy switching between multiple accounts so we can stay connected to friends and business with a simple click. Have you met Amy, your new personal assistant for scheduling meetings? Joining us will be Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder of to explain.