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To Tweet or Not to Tweet – Is That the Question?

Do you remember your first Algebra class? What finally made sense after all the drills to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division went right out the window with Algebra. Nothing made sense…at first. That is where we are with Twitter today. In their effort to eke out a precious few more value added characters within the 140 limits, they have succeeded in totally confusing and frustrating loyal Twitter users.

Is There a New Math on Twitter?

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago when we were scratching our heads on why Twitter would go from 140 characters to 10,000 characters. After the minor rebellion, they figured out pretty quickly that even the most loyal users didn’t think it was a good idea. But it must have started the wheels turning at the Twitter headquarters because rumor has it we will be getting full benefit of our 140 characters because links and images will now be bonus characters.

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The Battle for Streaming Video Heats Up

We know by now that a video strategy is essential for a fully developed marketing strategy. And we also know that pre-recorded, fully edited videos are being supplemented with live stream. Now that Meerkat has been knocked out of the ring, the match that the odds-makers are betting on is between Facebook Live and Periscope. We’ll bring you up to date and make our recommendations on today’s Social Solutions Show

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Smart Marriage Between SnapChat and NBC

We used to think that the phrase “strange bedfellows” only applied to politics but as of yesterday, one could make a good case that it fits to describe the new alliance between SnapChat and NBC for new broadcasting options during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Today’s Social Solutions Show will discuss what business can learn from this unlikely pairing.

Will Social Autopsy Bury Your Business?

Will Social Autopsy Bury Your Business?

The big news for business owners and marketers to prepare for is the launch of Social Autopsy – no, that’s not a joke. Yelp will seem like a tamed lion compared to the potential damage that bites on this new site could leave behind.

What else is on deck today? We’ll share how tech influencers are using Twitter; the hottest colors shared on this year’s Pinterest palette; how Microsoft’s Word Flow will make typing on your iPhone easier; why you should take advantage of Facebook’s free webinars for small business; and how to deal with people’s increasingly shorter attention spans.