Twitter 10000 Characters

10,000 Lakes We Get – 10,000 Characters We Don’t

This is our first live show of the New Year and we really do have lots to celebrate. Social Media is on the front burner of marketing for every business – large and small – and tools available today far exceed the tools of the past. How did we go from 140 to 10,000? Well the mystery is brewing on social media and the fury gets louder by the minute. Today we’ll bring you up to date on conversational ads on Twitter and Adobe Post (we are excited to be joined by Ben Forta Adobe Systems’ Senior Director of Education Initiatives).

Are You in a Flitter Over Twitter

Are You in a Flitter Over Twitter?

If you think social media is moving too fast you better tighten your seat belt. Twitter is making changes by the minute and some are lighting up the twittersphere with howls and screams. Misplaced buttons to catch your attention (bad); taking away auto-cropping in the preview image (good); changing timeline feed so tweets won’t be in chronological order (really bad).