The World Turns for Facebook

Just when you thought you had mastered video, Facebook turns up the dial and invites you to share your 360 degree videos. Yes, it does require a new camera, but the costs are affordable and the benefits are immeasurable. That is one of the hot topics being discussed on today’s Social Solutions Show with @kenherron and @linkedinlady.

We Do Social Media

#SoSoShow Social Marketing Mailbag

Carol and I get questions, LOTS of questions from our listeners around the world. So on this week’s Social Solutions Show, we’ll be tackling the social media marketing questions Carol and I have received from all of you in the past few weeks. Joining me on today’s Social Solutions Show are Linda and Elle Cloke, the mother and daughter team who run U.K.-based We Do Social Media.

facebook dislike

To Like or Dislike – That is the Question

Well it has been a long time coming, but finally Facebook is introducing a “Dislike” button. Why you ask? Because users have been requesting it over and over – but why now and what will it mean? For personal posts, it will be more appropriate to Dislike rather than Like when someone posts a death in the family, a terminal disease, or something begging for sympathy. But with business pages, this could be a game changer. Ken Herron and Carol McManus will weigh in on today’s Social Solutions Show.