Behind The Curtain

Who is Watching You on LinkedIn?

Did you know that your presence on LinkedIn is now visible when you are on online? We didn’t think so. The latest innovation from LinkedIn may or may not be welcome news. We’re all used to having our online presence visible on Facebook, but never on LinkedIn. What does it mean and how will it impact your engagement with your connects? Tune in this Social Solutions to get our take on it.

How will your business drive new revenues with self-driving cars?

This fall, at Stanford CSP, Sudha will be teaching the first-ever course on the business of self-driving cars to help entrepreneurs and innovators to “find the gaps” so they can drive (pun intended) the next generation of innovative businesses. On this week’s show, Sudha will talk about the landscape of autonomous vehicles, regulations, and the key technologies which make these cars, trucks, and buses possible. As always, visionaries who can see the coming changes will be the winners.

Will Facebook Put You in the Sandbox?

Just when you thought Google was the biggest threat to your business, you find out Facebook is an even bigger threat. Starting immediately, if your website is not mobile responsive, then Facebook will no longer show your posts in news media feeds. Why not? Because they want their users to have a seamless experience and they don’t want to be blamed if your site is inadequate – they will put you in the sandbox!

Would You Pay Twitter $99 a Month to Promote You?

We are not quick to recommend spending money on social media unless we are confident it will produce results for you. Well, maybe, just maybe, Twitter has come up with an innovative possible game changer with their most recent announcement. If they fully roll out this option, you will be able to invest $99 a month and Twitter will automatically promote your account and your first 12 tweets every day! Should you care? We’ll let you know our thoughts on today’s show.