The Case of the Disappearing Egg

With Easter only a week away, everyone is thinking about eggs – including Twitter – but in their case, they decided to permanently do away with the egg as a default option for user who don’t take the time to upload their own image. Will this separate the men from the boys? Who knows, but that along with another change in how they count 140 characters all seem to be in an effort to clean up the riff-raff and encourage users to engage more often.

Mimicking Features on Social Media Not so Flattering

If Copycat tactics are the highest form of flattery, then Snapchat should be blushing. But that blush probably doesn’t represent happiness as much as a boiling anger over the continued scraping of their once unique features. The latest to introduce their version of Stories is their enemy number one – Facebook! With Facebook Stories, the argument for a more connected community is diluted.