2017 Predictions for Small Businesses

The latest news about Vine soon to become Vine Camera. Important? Yes, because it looks like it’s here to stay and with some cool new features. Facebook may be putting their toe in the podcast water with the introduction of Live Audio. Wondering why your posts on LinkedIn aren’t getting enough attention? Maybe it’s because you don’t have the right formula for headlines and topics.

Is there a difference between live-streaming and live broadcasting? The answer is yes, but does it really matter which you use? And looking back on some rather famous predictions for 2016, did Mark Zuckerberg achieve everything he set out to do?

The Internet of Things (IoT) for Business

Sudha is an instructor at Stanford continuing education school. She is a champion for girls who code and hosts mentor programs for girls at devcamps and hackathons. She has been a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups. She also actively contributes to Techcrunch, Mashable, Gigaon, and Venturebeat. Sudha also serves on the advisory board for Blockchain University and Barcelona Technology School.

The Real Winner of the Election Was Twitter

The election is over and the mandate of the American voter has been heard. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Regardless of your political stand, there is one clear winner that cannot be disputed and was equally supported by Democrats and Republicans alike and that, of course, is Twitter. One could argue that Twitter is now more important than CNN, NBC, Fox, ABC and CBS combined. So what does it mean for the future of Twitter and their users? Perhaps there are some hints with the recent announcement about the demise of Vine and the fact that in the last week they received 10 qualified bids to buy it and it wasn’t even for sale.