Marketers Go Where the Fish are Biting

The world of social media and digital tools marches forward and with every new initiative marketers are challenged with the decision of what delicacy to taste and what should be discarded from their plate. Herein lies the challenge with marketing – we all have limitations on our budgets so when dollars are allocated for something, then something old needs to take a back seat.

Today’s Social Solutions Show is all about choices and latest introductions with a skeptical eye toward the future of marketing. Here are some common trends that are emerging to help you decide how and where to spend your money:

snapchat roller coaster ride

Why is Every Social Media IPO Like a Thrill Ride?

If you recall, there was huge excitement in the tech world between 1995 and 2001 in the era known as the Dotcom Bubble. But then came the crash and many shattered dreams as well as empty bank accounts. Watching what is happening less than a week after Snap’s IPO may well be an echo back to that era. We’re not a finance show, but the strength and sustainability of social media sites has direct impact on us as business owners and marketers.

politics and business collide

Is It Time to Take a Political Stand?

For a long time, you have heard us say to avoid polarizing topics on social media lest your business risk alienating half of your potential market. Topics typically include gun control, religion, abortion, and of course, politics. But these are new times and maybe the rules have changed. Especially if what is happening in politics is impacting your clients and in turn, your business.

Are You Ready to Hashjack the #SuperBowl?

The beautiful thing about the Super Bowl is that you don’t have to have $5 million to spend on a 30-second ad. But you must be ready to take advantage of the action through social media and become part of the conversation. We’ll share tips on how to play and what traps to avoid.

Have we talked about video recently? The evidence continues to stream in supporting the use of video in your online marketing. Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat or any other popular platform, this is without question the best way to get the attention of your intended target. But you probably won’t be using video for every single post so that leave visual content. But the bar has been raised. You can no longer use any old image. It must be compelling and attention-grabbing.