Does Your Company Have a Target on Its Back?

Have you heard about Workplace by Facebook. Truth to tell, it’s Facebook at Work with a new shade of lipstick, but something to consider because your employees are already using social media at work and this may be a solution or a curse to this potential time waster. And if you think Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t here to stay, then you haven’t heard about Oculus Touch (ships Dec 6 just in time for Christmas).

The Newest Variation of 140 Characters

Just when you thought you had it figured out, Twitter yet again changed the rules! But the good news is they keep stretching 140 characters without really changing the maximum. How? Tune in to Social Solutions with Ken Herron and Carol McManus and we’ll explain.

Other hot topics on deck for today include the uproar over iOS 10 and making sense out of why there are now TWO Apple App Stores instead of one. Unnecessary or a bonanza for marketers? Have you checked out the facelift on LinkedIn Publisher? It is getting better all the time and now a must use tool in your social media arsenal – professionals, you no longer have to take a back seat to Facebook addicts.

What are the best social networks for authors?

Karen is the author of the upcoming book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers and is the co-founder of, where she helps authors to make their businesses more profitable. Helping authors for more than eight years, Karen works with everyone from first-time writers to an established, five-times New York Times-bestselling author. Her mission is to break down what works for authors and put it into practical steps to help them to build profitable, engaging businesses they and their fans love.

From Apple With Love

Today was another big announcement from Apple with the anticipation an insider leaks about the new Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 but did the hype live up to expectations? And what do these introductions mean to your business

That’s how we start today’s Social Solutions Show. But get ready to learn about Peek-a-moo. Instagram has introduced zoom for photos and videos and this is already a game changer for smart marketers. Are you up to date on what your Likes are expecting from your Facebook posts? Then you already know it’s R.I.P. time for text and images – it truly IS all about video.