Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is winning the Rio Olympics — on Twitter

The Rio Olympics may only be at the mid-point, but we are already awarding a gold medal in tweeting to Saturday Night Live comedian and Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones.

Listen to today’s Social Solutions show with Ken Herron (@KenHerron) and special guest co-host Paul Andrews (@vanillaweb and @businessbunker) live on http://ckcglobalmedia.com/ckc-global-media-ken-herron-carol-mcmanus-radio-hosts to learn how sharing her passion and being herself got her booked on a flight to Rio to provide what is sure to be color commentary on the games, and cheer on Team USA.

Rio2016 hashtag

Hashtag Controversy Over #Rio2016 #TeamUSA

There are stories and then there are ridiculous stories. This one falls into the ridiculous category. Did you even know that there is ban by the USOC with threats of litigation on any company using #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA unless you are an official sponsor of the Olympics. Seriously? And that’s not where this week’s controversial topics end. Instagram in on the hot seat for copying Snapchat Stories.

Instagram Helps Taylor Swift Fight Bullying

Hats off to Instagram and its support of Taylor Swift and other high-profile celebrities manage online bullying. It is a fact that none of us has the power to stop bullying completely, but new tools will go a long way in helping to block unwanted posts. While not available to the general population it is a step in the right direction. Special guest, Višnja Prodan, an Istrian Truffle Hunter will share how she is using every social media channel available to promote her family business in a remote area of Istria, Croatia. When you hear her story, you will know there are no excuses for you!