Super Bowl Champ, NFL Great – Vince Wilfork

On August 9, 2017, defensive tackle Vince Wilfork announced his retirement from the NFL after 13 spectacular seasons.

But this two-time Super Bowl champion and barbecue aficionado won’t let retirement slow him down. Now, he’s teaming up with Kingsford Charcoal to shake his tailgate tail feathers and hosting a farewell tailgate party for fans before the season opener on Sept. 7.

Filip Keuppens, The Pickle Juice Company

Filip Keuppens is a vice president with The Pickle Juice Company – a world leader and manufacturer of the only isotonic sports beverage proven to combat muscle cramps at the neurological source. He is the company’s leading ambassador for Pickle Juice®, it’s famed history and original all-natural formula.

Keuppens’ expertise stems from more than 20 years as a professional athlete, health advocate and businessman. He has knowledgeable insight into how the athletic industry has evolved, the preventative care and recovery tools used in the sports community to optimize performance, the causes and solutions for muscle cramps and dehydration, and the inner-workings of the sports beverage market.

Former MLB Pitcher and Pitching Coach Tom House

Tom House is considered by many to be the “father of modern pitching mechanics.” He is the founder of The Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and The National Pitching Association (NPA). The RDRBI and NPA are renowned for their health and performance research and development involving three-dimensional analysis of human movement, physical preparation and training to support rotational athletes in movement, identifying the metabolic requirements of proper nutrition to fuel human activity, and mentoring athletes’ competition with mental/emotional management skills. Tom is also a founding Member of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He is now part of the Beyond Performance Sports team at La Costa Resort & Spa in California.