Amazon Vs. Blue Apron

Avoiding App Store Scams, AWS Grant Funding, Amazon Meal-Kit Trademark & Antitrust Concerns

On Episode 362 of The Waves of Tech, it’s the Amazon show! We kickoff the podcast sharing some quick tips to be aware of to avoid being scammed in your mobile app stores. Trust us, it’s a real thing. The rest of the podcast is dedicated to Amazon. Amazon Web Services handing out 19 grants for funding to improve city’s and businesses’ cloud based tools to improve public and transportation services. Amazon filed a trademark for a Meal-Kit that created a drop in Blue Apron’s stock by 12%, setting up a potential major move based on Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. All this discussion leads to a question – Are there antitrust concerns with Amazon at this point?

best buy amazon services

Best Buy Stock, Prime Day, What Makes a Tech Company and Net Neutrality Protest

On Episode 361 of The Waves of Tech, we cover a variety of tech topics and share what influence they will have in your life. Fox Sports main website have removed all written content, transitioning to a video only based format. Best Buy’s stock dropped 7% after Amazon announced a competing in-home network of installation professionals for smarthome devices to their consumer base. Amazon Prime Day is here and you can make the most out of the experience by checking out our recommendations. After seeing Blue Apron listed and valued as a technology company, we ask the not so easy to answer question – what makes a company a tech company? In an attempt to compete more directly in the cloud services industry, Microsoft is reorganizing their sales division to focus on large enterprise and small and medium sized businesses. Finally, a net neutrality day of action and protest is scheduled, where 170 companies will deliberately slow down their service to protest the FCC’s proposal and education their users on the impacts of that proposal.

FCC Lays Down Huge Fine, Snap Maps, and Beating Fraud Through Biometrics

The FCC announced a $120 million fine to a robocalling agency for using “neighborhood spoofing” in an attempt to scam nearly 100 million people into buying exclusive travel packages. Snapchat’s newest feature – Snap Maps – is location based function where users can share their location in real time with their friends. The feature is coming under attack from personal privacy and child safety groups. Sears, J.C. Penney, and many more companies are closing hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores as they attempt to reduce costs, become more profitable, and adapt to the online shopping experience. And finally, BioCatch is using personal biometrics and specific user behavior to fight fraud and authenticate user behavior, a trend that is growing in the changing world of cyber threats and security.

Amazon Buys WholeFoods, Tech Leaders to DC and Email Migration

On Episode 359 of The Waves of Tech, it is all about unpacking and breaking down Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash. Amazon is now directly positioned to heavily influence the grocery and market industry by owning nearly 500 brick-and-mortar grocery stores. Amazon may immediately look to introduce integration with their distribution channels and offer up delivery services for fresh foods and produce. Amazon has tinkered with highly automated store fronts, which means less jobs and a new look and feel to the stores. We are all anxious to see how the shopping experience will be transformed and whether that means lower prices at the checkout counter. We conclude the podcast by discussing the tech leaders that went to Washington D.C. to consider cybersecurity, failing infrastructure, and future tech trends and by sharing our stories of how a recent email migration went.

Verizon Officially Owns Yahoo, Clutter Raises $64 Million And Uber Shake-Up

We kick off the show with the news that Verizon now wholly owns Yahoo after spending $4.5 billion. Oath, the new company, will now boast 50+ media partners, several former Yahoo companies, and a consumer base of over 1 billion. Yahoo will now become a part of the tech history books. In tech, we usually speak of cloud and flash storage, but not today. Clutter, a tech-based storage company, raised $64 million in venture capital funds and is looking to expand beyond their primary focus of 10 cities. We’ve all read stories of the inner workings and Uber and they have been confirmed with whistle blower stories and internal auditing expenses. Uber is experiencing a major shakeup as CEO Travis Kalanick takes a leave of absence and the Board works on restructuring the company and fixing its image. And finally, we touch on how electronics and technology in live music is changing to way we see our past.

WWDC 2017 And Pollution Data Collection

We kickoff the podcast by sharing some of the exciting announcements from WWDC, which includes a new iMac Pro, HomePod, and ARKit. Following up that discussion, we debate as to whether the lack of diversity in the top 5 tech firms is something to be bothered and worried about and whether it spells trouble in the near future. Next, we breakdown a case heading to the Supreme Court as they will decide how law enforcement may collect location data associated with criminal activity from a person’s smartphone. And finally, we share some cool details about collection air pollution data using Google Street View cars and how that approach is changing data and decisions.