Equifax Messed Up, What is Slack’s Value, and Customer Service Frustrations

More details of the Equifax security breach are surfacing and it is now known that the credit reporting agency neglected to provide adequate patches to identified security vulnerabilities, leaving the public at risk. Slack, the chosen workplace messaging application, went through another round of funding and now are valued at over $5 billion. How and why they have risen to the top is an interesting discussion. Customer service is always a sore subject. In an age where profits over chosen over service, things tend to boil over and we share the stories of frustration with service and support. And finally, protecting your information and project work in your professional setting is critical and the responsibility lies with both IT staff and staff of a company. We provide some tips to keep yourself and your information safe.

Tragedy And Technology

September 11, 2001 is without question a terrible time in American history. Before YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, we relied on 24-hour news outlets for updates and information. We remember 9-11 and show the difference 16 years make. In the face of tragedy and natural disaster, we have some great tech tools in our back pockets for use. Facebook’s “Checked In As Safe” feature is an excellent means of communication to inform friends and family of our safety. Drone deployment is second nature in disaster now, adding tremendous value to government, relief aid, law enforcement, and insurance agencies. In not so shocking news, more data has been hacked and this time from Equifax – the holder of an incredible amount of personal and sensitive data. Finally, Nike is allowing customer to custom design using augmented reality and artificial intelligence in their own shoe in their New York City based studio.


The Biggest Mistakes in Tech History

Yahoo faces lawsuits over data breaches, the upcoming Apple event, and the biggest mistakes in tech history. Yahoo was ordered by federal courts to face charges related to their massive data breaches from 2013 and 2014, potentially setting precedence in the tech community for cyber security and litigation moving forward. Apple’s September 12 event will be help in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park, where we expect to hear announcements of a new iPhone, updates to Siri and HomePod, iOS 11, and the ARKit toolkit release. And finally, we share some of the biggest tech mistakes in history including Kodak decision to dismiss the digital camera concept, Bill Gates bailing out Apple, and RealNetworks turning down the iPod.

UBER Walmart

Top Tech Cities & Why They Thrive; Walmart Expands Grocery Delivery with Uber.

The Texas hurricane tragedy is bringing out the best and the worst of people. Some are rescuing strangers, while others are playing on tragedy with tech-based hoaxes. After our trip to Podcast Movement last week, a premier podcasters conference, we share the technological elements that made the conference excel and succeed. We breakdown the top tech cities in the United States, explain why they thrive, and share the tech industry that the city is focused and built upon. Finally, Walmart is partnering with Uber to expand their suburban grocery delivery service as they position themselves to compete with Amazon.

solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Craze, Original Programming, and the Computer Chip Industry

The solar eclipse captured the attention of the American people.  We share some highlights and learn how business and government agencies leveraged the event.  Apple has spent nearly $1 billion on original programming.  We ask the question of “How have they spent that much” and “Will they ever compete with Netflix and Amazon?”  And finally, the computer chip industry was shaken up this week with the announcement that Samsung is now the leading chip manufacturer.  We breakdown what has changed in the industry to cause the shift.

Smog Free Bicycles

Space Station Sightings, Solar Eclipse and Smog-Filtering Bicycles

The International Space Station passes over several thousand worldwide locations on a regular basis without most of us no knowing. We share how and when you can spot the spacecraft above you. The total solar eclipse is scheduled for August 21st and we can’t imagine the amount of technology behind tracking the event around the world. In China, scientists and a startup are manufacturing smog-filtering bicycles to clean the well documented poor air quality. In closing, we share some personal stories as to how technology truly affects our daily lives.