Verizon Officially Owns Yahoo, Clutter Raises $64 Million And Uber Shake-Up

We kick off the show with the news that Verizon now wholly owns Yahoo after spending $4.5 billion. Oath, the new company, will now boast 50+ media partners, several former Yahoo companies, and a consumer base of over 1 billion. Yahoo will now become a part of the tech history books. In tech, we usually speak of cloud and flash storage, but not today. Clutter, a tech-based storage company, raised $64 million in venture capital funds and is looking to expand beyond their primary focus of 10 cities. We’ve all read stories of the inner workings and Uber and they have been confirmed with whistle blower stories and internal auditing expenses. Uber is experiencing a major shakeup as CEO Travis Kalanick takes a leave of absence and the Board works on restructuring the company and fixing its image. And finally, we touch on how electronics and technology in live music is changing to way we see our past.

WWDC 2017 And Pollution Data Collection

We kickoff the podcast by sharing some of the exciting announcements from WWDC, which includes a new iMac Pro, HomePod, and ARKit. Following up that discussion, we debate as to whether the lack of diversity in the top 5 tech firms is something to be bothered and worried about and whether it spells trouble in the near future. Next, we breakdown a case heading to the Supreme Court as they will decide how law enforcement may collect location data associated with criminal activity from a person’s smartphone. And finally, we share some cool details about collection air pollution data using Google Street View cars and how that approach is changing data and decisions.

Google For Jobs, Recreational Drone Registry, and Teen Smartphone Addiction

We are covering everything from job searching and drone registration to teen smartphone addiction and brick-and-mortar stores. We kick off the show dissecting Google for Jobs. Google is diving into the job search industry and may have found a way to connect the job seeker to job opportunity. Next, an appeals court struck down the FAA’s push to register recreational drones stating that the statute only regulates commercial drone use. In a shocking survey, 59% of parents state that their teenage is addicted to the smartphone and 50% of teens state that they are in fact addicted to their smartphone. We examine the potential issues of addiction and offer solutions. We wrap up the podcast sharing a recent trip to Best Buy, where we focus on how the consumer electronic store has remained relevant. Thanks for tuning in!

FCC Ends Net Neutrality, IBM Employees And Startups Outside Silicon Valley

The FCC, on a 2-to-1 vote, introduced a rule to effectively end net neutrality and roll back regulations of ISPs as a utility. In an interesting move, IBM is bringing back nearly 400,000 employees back to office as they attempt to consolidate and build directed, focused working teams. Believe it or not, Silicon Valley is not the only hotbed for startups. Cities such as Madison, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City are thriving by becoming attractive landing homes for tech innovation and vision. And finally, Biz Stone is back with Twitter and is positioning himself to work on the company’s overall reputation and standing in social media.

Amazon Echo Show, Ransomware Attacks And Apple R&D Investments

We kick off the podcast with Amazon’s announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, their newest in-home entertainment devices which may drive smart home technology integration, shows you news video highlights, allows you to make hands-free video calls, and much more. Kaspersky Labs, a Russian cyber-security firm is being unfairly questioned by US Senators about their reported role in Russian attacks. Following that discussion, we dissect another ransomware attack that hit Russian, British, Korean, and French systems last week. We change direction and discuss how we can get back to the basics of human interaction and emotion, relying less on computing technology and communication. And finally, Apple is investing heavily in US manufacturing, jobs, products, and salaries which all spells to a future of quality mobile computing devices.

Landline phones, Mother’s Day Flowers, Microsoft in Education, and USA Today Fighting Bots

Mother’s Day options, Microsoft’s education initiative, and fighting bots on Facebook. We kick off the show by discussing a major milestone in the United States – for the first time, cell phones as the primary device in the home have now surpassed landline use. We debate the need for one, the other, or both. Next, don’t forget about Mother’s Day. We found out Amazon Prime members has access to their Floral Delivery service which is a great gift for mothers and grandmothers. We then venture into education, where the battle between Microsoft and Google continues. Microsoft released Windows 10S, which will prove beneficial in their quest to remain dominant in education, capture new users, and compete against Chromebooks. And finally, USA Today has discussed the issues of bots and fake user accounts on Facebook with the FBI.