Healthcare Fraud, ESPN Layoffs, Webroot And Facebook Targets Youth

On Episode 352 of The Waves of Tech, we are discussing a wide range of topics including healthcare fraud, ESPN layoffs, Webroot problems, and Facebook targeting youth. To kickoff th show, we share recent and personal experiences in dealing with questionable statements from healthcare providers and the steps we can all take to keep ourselves, our finances, and our personal information safe. ESPN laid off hundreds of workers again, bringing into questions the path the sports media giant has chosen to take both in traditional and digital media. We dissect how cord cutting, high cable subscription fees, and TV rights factor into the equation. Webroot, the popular antivirus program, rolled out an update that identified Windows programs and files as threats and quarantined many of them! The issue lasted only 13 minutes, but that’s enough time to hit social media. And finally, Facebook and a hired research firm are being questioned about collecting emotional data from young users and then engineering that data for marketing purposes. Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Email Migration, ShotSpotter, Bye Bye Passwords And Yahoo Execs Out

We dive into the world of email migration, as Dave and his office move from GroupWise Novell to Office365 Outlook. There will be bumps and roadblocks along the way, but ultimately the migration will be worth it. ShotSpotter Technology was used last week in the City of Fresno, to geolocate gun fire resulting from an individual’s attempt to take several lives. The technology triangulates gun fire and provided law enforcement with actionable, real-time data. Microsoft is moving toward the elimination of passwords with the introduction of their Authenticator App, which enables the second layer of two-factor authentication and smartphone approval so that a password is not used at all. And finally, several Yahoo executives are being fired as a result of the Yahoo-AOL merger known as Oath (a Verizon Company). Marissa Mayer and other top senior executives will be leaving their offices comes June.

Facebook Murder Video, Burger King Ads, Newspaper Tech, and HP at Coachella.

In terrible and difficult news, a man videoed himself murdering an elderly man and then posted the video to Facebook, calling into question Facebook’s policies and our roles as social media users. Next, Burger King is trying to capturing your Android device’s attention by using “OK Google” to tell you about their Whopper burger line. Over the weekend, we picked up a newspaper (yep, a newspaper) and share the stories of tech that covered the headlines of the business section. And concluding the podcast, HP took over the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with a 60-foot dome, product displays, and a 360-degree portrait concept. Thanks for tuning in!

MBAs For Hire, Hackers Sound Alarms And FCC Says No Cell Phones

We touch on the growing retail business of Apple as they venture deeper into Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. The tech industry is investing heavily in a new type of hire – MBAs from prestigious business schools from across the US and it is having an impact around the business and tech fields. Hackers in the Dallas area sounded 156 emergency alarms late at night, causing fright, stress, and reaction from Dallas city officials and residents. And finally, the FCC is moving to ban a 2013 proposal that would allow passengers to make Wi-Fi enabled mobile calls while in air.

Apple Keeps iPad Locked, Tesla Building SUVs And Ford Hiring Connectivity Engineers

We dive into a huge variety of topics that influence and impact our daily lives. First up, we debate the story of Apple refusing to unlock the iPad of a deceased 18-year old so that his family can have access to his photos and videos. Next, Tesla continues it’s grand movement in the auto industry with the lofty goal of manufacturing nearly 25,000 SUVs in the near future. Continuing in the auto industry, Ford is hiring nearly 400 mobile connectivity engineers to help the company move into vehicle-2-vehicle communications and autonomous cars. Next, Facebook jumps into the crowdfunding business with their newest Personal Fundraisers feature. And finally, a controversy in women’s golf draws attention to the influence live television is having on the purity and officiating of the game. Thanks for tuning in!


Tech-xpectations – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Waves of Tech, we are talking all about tech-xpectations today – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the future. There are a tons of expectations when it comes to the tech industry, ranging from for users, businesses, companies, and so many more. In this episode, we dive into the tech-xpectations to be extremely responsive to phone calls and texts, the expectation for quick service from IT professionals, and users expectations of free services. We further discuss the expectation for the protection of our personal information online and how we are now living in the age of limited and throttled data. Finally, looking into the future and what consumers are expecting, we dive into the live streaming of sporting events online, the advancement of classroom technology, and the rise of competitive video gaming.