Yahoo Breech

Yahoo Hack Indictment And Raspberry Pi News

We cover the Yahoo breach, talk some drones, and explain why Raspberry Pi is in the news. The United States Justice Department and FBI issued indictments of four individuals, including 2 Russian intelligence agents and notorious hacker, related to the massive Yahoo account breach. In drone talk, we review Steve’s presentation at a local association meeting and then give our takes on the patent filed by Wal-Mart to fly drones inside their stores. Hint…we are not a fan of the plan. And finally, we speak to the significance of Raspberry Pi becoming the third best selling general purpose computer.

March Madness Productivity Loss, Invisible reCAPTCHA And Dress For STEM

On Episode 345 of The Waves of Tech, we cover a range of technological topics that are impacting the way we use and experience the Internet and live online. We dive right into one of the most annoying user experiences – CAPTCHA. With the introduction of Invisible reCAPTCHA from Google, the Internet just became a little bit less annoying. March Madness is in full effect and that means a few things – plenty of lost productivity time from employees and spiked frustrations for employers. The Dress For STEM campaign, led by thousands of female meteorologists, is an amazing display of community aimed at encouraging more women to enter into STEM fields and industries. And finally, we share a story of how the elderly often times are the first to be left behind when it comes to technological advancement. Enjoy the podcast…and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Amazon Web Services

Breaking The Internet And Global Tech Visionaries

During the expo and travels, we came across some tech-related things that are worth sharing, including, broken phone screens, and the Uber/taxi/vanpool conflict. In addition, we breakdown what happened last week when Amazon Web Services broke the internet for nearly five hours taking down several servers inadvertently by making a single typo. A new global technology innovation survey ranked over 800 hi-tech executives and companies based on innovation and overall visionary in the information technology industry. The results, whereas predictable, leave some room for friendly debate. And finally, Microsoft is winning over some longtime Apple users for some very particular reasons as we continue the Microsoft vs Apple debate.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Adding Women To Tech Roles And Computer Vision Syndrome

We continue to examine the diversity question in technology and engineering. GE plans to bolster the role of female employees by 36% by 2020, closing the gap of under-representation in the technology sector. In response to WalMart’s move of dropping its minimum shipping fee from $49 to $35, Amazon made the exact move to compete with the growing brick-and-mortar competition of e-commerce. As we spend more time behind digital screens, Computer Vision Syndrome is a growing concern with optometrists. Plenty of preventative measures are available to correct the issue. And finally, a 7-year old girl writes a handwritten letter to Google asking for a job and the CEO responds!

Dating Technology And Oroville Dam Disaster

We begin with a strange survey result that shows that your choice of mobile phone may attract or deter potential suitors. Next, a new dating app called Hater is connecting with people that dislike and hate the same things you do. In a bizarre court filing, a now ex-husband is suing Uber because the app eventually led to the wife finding out about his cheating affairs. In other discussion, we share the amazing stories of kindness and generosity resulting from the the Oroville Dam disaster in Northern California. Concluding the show, we share the not so shocking news that Time Warner Cable had been allegedly lying to its customers since 2012 by throttling and controlling their high speed internet.

Amazon Cargo Hub And Super Bowl Drones

We dissect Amazon’s move to build a $1.5 billion USA-based cargo hub to control the entire delivery process. The popular movie site IMDB is shutting down their Message Boards because the experience is no longer useful and positive. Another sign of hateful and pointless speech taking over and control a quality website. Lady Gaga and Intel teamed up for the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show, using 300 drones to wow viewers and demonstrate the brilliant use of drones. Finally, the FCC is blocking companies from providing discounted internet access to low-income families and school districts.