Happy Birthday Cnet And Apple Watch Comes To Best Buy

We dive into the news that Apple Watch will hit Best Buy retailers as Apple tries to market the holiday shopping market. Windows 10 is to be released this coming week and we will see first hand what a single OS for desktop, tablet, and smartphone looks like. Finally, we dissect the decision by many doctors being lured away from medicine and into the biotech field.

Facebook Music Videos

Facebook Bidding With Music Labels

We cover headlines from the past few weeks and also look at some future projects.  These include Facebook bidding with music labels; a cloud tax on subscription-based services in Chicago; Windows 10 hits as PC market has declined; and Apple’s public beta of OS X El Capitan.  We spend plenty of time discussing the move Facebook is making in the music space and what effect the cloud tax will have on consumers, businesses, governments, and the tech community.

Fireworks Tech

Fireworks Technology and Selfie Sticks Banned

We stick to our guns as one of the best variety shows around and bring four new tech stories making headlines this week. With July 4th around the corner, we dive into fireworks technology, as computers and microchips find their way into the industry. This morning, Apple Music and Beats1 launch. The latest music streaming service enters a strong and competitive field. Next, we talk about, which is the for coders. And finally, the Selfie Stick is in the news.


How The Social Landscape Is Forcing Changes In E-commerce

We have for you a packed show with tech headlines, in-home tech devices, and how the social landscape of the United States is forcing changes in E-commerce. So, this week we cover – Verizon finalizes AOL acquisition, Amazon Echo pre-orders are available, Gmail unveils the Undo Send option, tech companies remove Confederate flag merchandise, and an Apple Watch running 20 year old Mac OS.

Kevin Horek

Kevin Horek Creative Director and User Experience Strategist

We are excited to talk with Kevin Horek – Creative Director and User Experience Strategist with Hybrid Forge.  Kevin provides us with a very distinct behind the scene look into the application design and development industry.  We discuss the strategist’s and design perspective on user interface and dive into the different design features that work for different industries (healthcare, startups, retail, government, travel).  Kevin breaks down some intricacies of web and native mobile platforms as well.