Christmas Holiday Tech Items 2016

We are joined by our great friend and fellow podcaster Rick Limpert from Wireless Wednesday Live. Rick knows all the cool tech gadgets out there for this holiday season. So, we dive into the Christmas holiday shopping craze and share some of those tech items that are quietly under your radar. These include tech-based sleep aides, indoor air purifiers, routers, solar chargers, and so much more. We finish that show by sharing the technology out there that we could really live without and this includes virtual reality, selfie sticks, TV options, and more.

Wearables Market Update, Drone News That Isn’t New News, and AmazonGo

On Episode 333 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a few topics making headlines and let you know how technology is changing our lives. We discuss the current wearables market, explaining the drop in Apple Watch sales and incline in FitBit products. In drone news, many media sources are painting the FAA as the barrier to commercial drone use in the United States. We are here to debunk that mentality. And finally, AmazonGo is the latest venture from the e-commerce giant. AmazonGo is a no line, no cashier brick-and-mortar grocery market concept. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

DirecTV Now and Cyber Monday Issues

We dive into the inner working of AT&T’s newest streaming TV subscription service called DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now will offer traditional media content to new subscribers at a reasonable cost with fewer programming options. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gone but the holiday season is still upon us. We share tips and tricks to stay safe online this shopping season. In addition, we share the story of Macy’s Black Friday fiasco. And finally, a transit authority in the Bay Area was hit by a ransomware attack that allowed riders to ride free for nearly one day and costs the authority $73,000.

President-elect Donald Trump and The Technology Industry

The United States presidential election has ended and President-elect Donald Trump takes the Oval Office in January.  The election of a new president always leads to questions.  In this case, what is Donald Trump’s position on domestic product manufacturing, net neutrality, international cyber security, STEM growth, and federal research and development funding.  Tech leaders and trade groups are calling for his position on how telecommunication network infrastructure will be upgraded, how will broadband connectivity reach the rural communities in the States, and what does the future of international students studying in the United States look like.  We dive into the increasingly inflammatory world of social media and how that played a role in the presidential election.


Veterans Day Deals, Dubai’s Drone Hunter and Winter Tech Cleaning Tips

Veterans Day is coming soon and we share some great tech and non-tech deals that are waiting for veterans and military personnel. Dubai Airport is working on a drone hunter that uses infrared and thermal imaging to detect location of unauthorized drone activity. In bizarre tech news, a single mother in California is facing jail time for selling food enthusiast focused Facebook group! And finally, seasons are changing and we provide some fall and winter tech cleaning tips to make your life more focused, efficient, and productive.

E-commerce Versus Retail Pricing, ZTO Express and Nintendo Switch

We compare and contrast the pricing found in the e-commerce business of Amazon Price and in the large retail Costco brick-and-mortar stores. Nintendo Switch is the newest hybrid game console featuring a docking station for home use and the option to travel with the system as a tablet. ZTO Express, the delivery and logistics firm based in China, is set to have a massive IPO but many are just as concerned as they are excited about the future of Chinese e-commerce. And finally, with dive into what is spooky and creepy of technology this Halloween season, including data hacks and loss of personal information.