DDoS Attack And Why AT&T Really Wants Time Warner

We breakdown the recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that hit users and the Internet last week. The attack blocked access to several major media and social media sites for a sustained period. We discuss what caused it and how our home internet-connected products assisted in the attack. Big news out of the telecommunications and media industry is the bid from AT&T to purchase Time Warner. The purchase includes HBO, HBO Now, CNN, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and 10% of Hulu. This is a power and growth move on AT&T’s part and there are good reasons why they want these services. iPhone 7 availability is quite limited at this time, but how long would you have to wait to get yours?

Target Redesign

Target Revamps Electronics and Netflix Just Wins

Target has been in process of revamping their electronics and entertainment departments in an attempt to capture more tech sales and diversify their product selection. After a week of using iOS 10, we share our personal pros and cons of the new mobile operating giant. There are clearly great features but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Netflix reported amazing growth in domestic and international subscribers and it’s all thanks to their push to provide original programming. And finally, we share a story of a air passenger refusing to give up his Galaxy Note 7 and is escorted off a plane.

Samsung Troubles, Microsoft Forced Updates And Facebook Workplace

We dive into the troubling revelation that exploding Galaxy Note 7s are not Samsung’s only product catching fire. Samsung halted new production of their smartphone line until further notice as well. Apple and Microsoft are now forcing updates to home users and enterprises companies, which is causing headaches and frustration along the way for both. Facebook launched their new real-time messaging platform called Workplace, which allows enterprise team members to communicate via a very familiar look and design. Yahoo is again in the headlines and not in a good way. After the email hack, Verizon is seeking a $1 billion discount on the pending sale of the company.

Tech Influences In Music, Google Trips And Waze Parking

We dive into the technology influence in live music and how that influence is creating a more exciting and enjoyable concert-going experience. If you plan to travel anytime soon, check out the latest crowdsourced Google Trips application. The Galaxy Note 7 replacement program is in full swing and participation has not been very high, bringing Samsung’s problems to a new level. And finally, Waze has partnered with Inrix to help their users find parking with ease.

Samsung Issues Continue and Microsoft Skype Teams

It is clear that Samsung’s problems with the Galaxy Note 7 are getting worse by the minute as market share continues to plummet as a result of the exploding battery issue.  Twitter announced changes to the character count formula, allowing users the ability to focus on the message and not be bothered with media attachments taking away from the overall count.  Microsoft is developing their answer to Slack and that is called Skype Teams, a collaborative chat tool that allows for threaded conversations and live video callings as two major features.  And finally, Jeff Bezos is deep into the space race as his company Blue Origin makes big plans for humans working and living in space.

Galaxy Note 7 Fires and Space-based Internet

Samsung, based on over 35 reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, has pulled the popular purchase from the shelves and have recalled nearly 2.5 million units. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are teaming up to build a space-based internet and provide connectivity to millions and provide entrepreneurs with WiFi in Africa. Google took down an artist’s 14-year old Blogger site without warning, leaving the artist without his art, writings, photographs, and works. And finally, we talk about taking a break from tech for a few moments and the power it may hold.