Samsung Issues Continue and Microsoft Skype Teams

It is clear that Samsung’s problems with the Galaxy Note 7 are getting worse by the minute as market share continues to plummet as a result of the exploding battery issue.  Twitter announced changes to the character count formula, allowing users the ability to focus on the message and not be bothered with media attachments taking away from the overall count.  Microsoft is developing their answer to Slack and that is called Skype Teams, a collaborative chat tool that allows for threaded conversations and live video callings as two major features.  And finally, Jeff Bezos is deep into the space race as his company Blue Origin makes big plans for humans working and living in space.

Galaxy Note 7 Fires and Space-based Internet

Samsung, based on over 35 reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, has pulled the popular purchase from the shelves and have recalled nearly 2.5 million units. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are teaming up to build a space-based internet and provide connectivity to millions and provide entrepreneurs with WiFi in Africa. Google took down an artist’s 14-year old Blogger site without warning, leaving the artist without his art, writings, photographs, and works. And finally, we talk about taking a break from tech for a few moments and the power it may hold.

part 107

Commercial Drone Use And Google News

We are joined with JD Sutter, founder of Porchlight Family Media, as we dive into a variety of tech headlines. This week, we revisit conversation from past episodes and talk about hotel WiFi and compare Amazon Prime Now to Google Express. Drones for commercial and business use continue to skyrocket under the newest FAA regulations. Steve shares his story of obtaining his commercial drone pilot license. Next up is some Google news, including their newest Crowdsource app and their recent hire of an former Airbnb executive to oversee the self-driving vehicle commercialization.

Hotel WiFi

Debate Over Free Hotel WiFi And Social Media Terrorism

We dive into some traveling technology stories including the debate over free hotel WiFi and what technology is needed to coordinate a live television show taping. The Rio Olympics are over but people are already talking about Tokyo 2020. It is expected that the medals will be manufactured using recycled electronic waste and smartphones. Twitter is waging its own war of terrorist. The popular social media platform has suspended over 360,000 accounts related to terrorist activity over the past 16 months. And finally, NASA re-established communication with a lost spacecraft (Stereo B) after 22 months of radio silence!

Google Express

Google Express And Audi’s Influence In The Automobile Market

Google Express has teamed up with major retailers around the states to delivery items direct to your door and provides another option in the e-commerce industry. USA soccer supporters took to the web after the USA was knocked out of The Olympics, creating a viral hashtag and changing the tone from negativity to positivity. Audi is introducing their vehicle-to-infrastructure technology where vehicles and signal traffic technology can communicate in real team. A blogger scammed a tech support security scamming firm and tricked them into downloading ransomware after targeting his parents. And finally, 3D printing in space just got a bit easier after NASA teamed up with Made in Space.


Walmart E-Commerce and Facebook Clickbait Issues

WalMart makes a $3 billion bid for as they position themselves to compete heavily with Amazon in the e-commerce industry. The Rio 2016 Olympics are here and we provide the variety of ways to consume the events, which is always a heated debate. Facebook has a major clickbait issue and are building a system to eliminate clickbait-y items from your News Feed. Google has completely mapped The Himalayas and has a fun app called Verne that allows you to explore the famous mountainous region. Finally, technology has its pitfalls and all you need to do is ask Delta about their recent woes.