Lyft and Uber

Uber Lyft Comparison And Comcast Sued

Facebook Live is growing in creativity and use and we share a recent example of local news incorporating Live extremely well. We discuss the ridesharing industry, including the rise of Apple’s presence in the market, the growth of ridesharing in China, and Lyft’s inability to be profitable. Verizon buys Fleetmatics, a logistics and telematics firm, to bolster their logistical elements both domestically and internationally. And finally, Comcast is being sued by the state of Washington for $100 million claiming the cable provide sold near worthless service plans to customers.

Planet of The Apps

SiFive, STEM Jobs And Apple Reality TV

On Episode 316 of The Waves of Tech, we come with a grab bag of tech topics. SiFive, a startup in the Silicon Valley, is bringing open source to the chip market with the help of RISC-V Foundation. STEM jobs are the hot topic and there are 10 companies looking to hire nearly 20,000 STEM openings. We recap some of the biggest tech flops from the mid-2000s, including products from BlackBerry and Apple. Apple is set to create their own reality TV show, pitting app developers against each other for a chance to earn $10 million in investments. And finally, we touch on the Pokemon GO craze and the injuries surfacing as a result of the popular game. Enjoy the show, thanks for tuning in, and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Travel Tech Hacks

Travel Tech Hacks And Digital Hotels

First, we provide a number of travel tech hacks that will reduce the stress of traveling and make the travel experience enjoyable. Have you heard of Amazon Smile? It’s an easy way to provide charitable donations during your Amazon shopping addiction! A judge recently introduced the idea that password sharing, something many of us do, may become criminalized. And finally, robotic technology is gaining more attention and traction recently.

billboard ads

Targeted Billboard Ads And Outdoor Tech With Kids

Billboards may never be the same, USA customs wants your social media handles, outdoor technology with kids, and user interfaces and human nature. In Japan, a camera on the billboard looks hundreds of meters down the road to identify vehicles and present a corresponding advertisement. The US Customs and Border Protection agency is looking to add a request to gather social media handles from travelers. With summer here, you may want to try heading outside with the kids by flying a drone and getting into geocaching may be the trick.


Instagram Update Failure And Air Turbulence Technology

This week we dive into Instagram’s update failure, development in air turbulence technology, selling a home in 2016, and Facebook tracking. Instagram has moved from a chronological to algorithmic feed that is not being embraced by users but will benefit marketers and advertisers. Two companies are working on improving air turbulence technology to make information more readily available and accurate, all while creating a safer and friendly flying experience. Dave is selling his home and shares what technologies are being used to make the process smooth and stress free. And finally Facebook is implementing Local Awareness, a feature that will track which stores you walk into so that targeted ads may appear in your feed.