Microsoft CEO

Nadella’s Rise Through Microsoft And AOL’s Identity Crisis

General Electric has decided to relocate their headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, a strategic move to associate themselves with other corporate partners and academia in the area. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, has rerouted the once-struggling tech giant into a new future of success. We talk about his rise to the top of Microsoft. A ship that fell victim to the sea nearly 200 years ago has been found during a routine search for the infamously downed Malaysia Flight 370. And finally, AOL has a major identity crisis and their chief marketing staff are trying to find a way to re-brand and appeal to a new audience.

Atlanta Takes Top Prize

2016 Tech Resolutions And Atlanta Takes Top Prize

We kick off the show with a discussion about big data and how people from around the United States are using it to promote change. The winner of a national competition resides in Atlanta and came to some amazing conclusions using big data. Our top discussions in 2015 included drones and Amazon, so we follow up with talks on drone registration and Amazon being named the biggest retailer overtaking WalMart. And finally, we each list our 2016 tech resolutions!