Amazon Reviews

Amazon Files Suit and National Drone Registry

We dive into the Office of Personnel Management security breach and what it means to us personally. We follow that up with a personal tech challenge, one we hope you join in on, to turn off the cell phone and leave it at home. Amazon is back in the news as they has taken to the courts to sue thousands that provide fake reviews on their site. And finally, we dive into the drone discussion again, specifically recreational drone ownership registration.

Dell EMC Merger

Dell Purchases EMC And Uber Getaway Gone Bad

We dissect Dell’s purchase of EMC, an Uber getaway gone bad, an Office 2016 update, and automated phone customer service. Dell, a traditional consumer PC business, threw in $67 billion to buy EMC, a corporate software, security, and storage enterprise company. We tell the story of how a low-level criminal tried to use Uber as getaway car and was caught red handed. And finally, we dive into the customer service approach of using automated system to direct traffic and how poorly that reflects a company.

Office 2016 Mac

Office 2016 Mac, OS X El Capitan and Windows 10

On this episode, we are celebrating and sharing the success of International Podcast Day. Next, we dissect a new laptop Dave won and Steve’s new Apple Watch and their first impressions of Windows 10 and the watch. We share some great ways that training sessions can be improved by incorporating a few subtle tech tips, which engage the audience and participation. Finally, we dive into the issues faced with OS X El Capitan and Office 2011/2016 for Mac that are causing many problems.

International Podcast Day 2015

International Podcast Day 2015 Preview And More Drone Interference

This week, we begin by discussing the upcoming International Podcast Day event on September 30th. We next share a personal story of recreational drone activity interfering with emergency response and offer solutions for the growing problem. Car manufacturers are introducing the new standard coming to automobiles in the USA – automatic emergency braking systems. And finally, we offer some ideas for how to stop social media sites from tracking you online.

Apps For Students and Apple Boosts Hiring of Women

As everyone begins to head back to school, we provide a number of free apps for students, parents, and educators that may help enhance the educational experience. As the consumer mobile telecom industry begins to change, so to must the companies. AT&T announced changes to bolster their mobile data plan structure and Sprint now offers the “iPhone Forever” plan as well. Apple is staying true to their commitment to diversity by hiring more women and underrepresented minorities into the company. We conclude with a story of the changing online mortgage process with a real life story.

Google Alphabet

Does Google Now Own The Alphabet?

Verizon ditches annual contracts, Google restructures, Tesla gets hit by a hacker, and Facebook crunches some data. Verizon is now providing options to customers to choose a month-by-month plan rather than the traditional annual or bi-annual contract. Google now has a parent, well a parent company. Alphabet, Inc. is the new big name in own and the company has restructured and we give details. Tesla has since fixed a bug in their software that allowed hackers to hijack the Model S. And finally, International Podcast Day is coming September 30th!