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Remote Home Control

We discuss more drone issues arising in the news, a new Google Maps feature, household tech furnishings, travels to meet other podcasters, and recent spots on fellow podcasters’ shows. We are proud to be a tech variety show, sharing technology news from so many angles and news sources. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Grocery Robot

Forget Drones, Here Come Delivery Robots

With all the good, bad, and indifferent attention drones are getting, a few co-founders of Skype are considering self-driving robots to delivery goods to customers from online retailers. As Yahoo continues their move to reorganization, they hired McKinsey & Company to assist in the journey. Next, have you considering supersonic travel? Getting from New York to London in 30 minutes may be possible in a few years time.

Amazon Black Friday

Amazon’s Early Black Friday and Quality Customer Services

We dive into the latest Google Play Music news, Amazon’s Black Friday, and great customer service. Google Play Music made headlines this week by announcing the future incorporation of podcasts into their platform, a much needed addition to the family. Amazon announced that Black Friday-like deals are now available to their customers, with loads of tech, toy, and gaming deals. And finally, Dave took a trip to Disneyland and shares his tech takeaways from the magical amusement park.

Back to the future day

Back To The Future Day and YouTube Red

We take a deep look into Back to the Future Day and see what predictions made in 1989 became a reality in 2015. Brick-and-mortar stores, such as Target and Lowe’s, are incorporating some new app features and in-store tech advancements to improve the customer experience. Also on the agenda, we examine the new subscription-based YouTubeRed announced by the video giant last week and lay out the plan Yahoo has to win you back.

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Files Suit and National Drone Registry

We dive into the Office of Personnel Management security breach and what it means to us personally. We follow that up with a personal tech challenge, one we hope you join in on, to turn off the cell phone and leave it at home. Amazon is back in the news as they has taken to the courts to sue thousands that provide fake reviews on their site. And finally, we dive into the drone discussion again, specifically recreational drone ownership registration.

Dell EMC Merger

Dell Purchases EMC And Uber Getaway Gone Bad

We dissect Dell’s purchase of EMC, an Uber getaway gone bad, an Office 2016 update, and automated phone customer service. Dell, a traditional consumer PC business, threw in $67 billion to buy EMC, a corporate software, security, and storage enterprise company. We tell the story of how a low-level criminal tried to use Uber as getaway car and was caught red handed. And finally, we dive into the customer service approach of using automated system to direct traffic and how poorly that reflects a company.